Nude Pube Banglers

Sexual Famine (WAF009)



This oneīs for the hard rockers. I tell ya, after listening to too many sad and lonely tunes, this is really refreshing stuff! These guys got balls - maybe too much balls at some times. But itīs cool. You have to act tough when youīre kicking hard rock ass while pouring down beers like a thirsty horse. They can rock, but I donīt hear the roll. Thatīs why itīs a good thing this is a five-track ep, not a whole album. I got an older ep too, I think itīs called Highway ep, or something like that. Canīt find it right now, but it didnīt make an impact. This one does! The first track, Too Late, includes Thomas Bratlie (from Rumble In Rhodos & Action Pilots) on vocals. Screaming at the top of his lungs, makes you think of Amulet. A cool song and one hell of a kickstart for sure! With lines like `I havenīt slept for eleven days - I guess itīs showing on my faceī and `Getting drunk and acting rudeī you know what to expect - not very pc lyrics. And that combined with their thunderous hard rock sound, it makes it very Oslo. A touch of death punk (you know where the name is from?), along with Gluecifers melodies and one bit Thulsa Doom and Amulet, you got the Nude Pube Banglers. Great for a band whoīs originally from the Norway mid-lands. Check this out if youīre longing for a dose of boozed up hard rock!

2.june , 2005
**Ringo Kid**