Magnum Maids

Live at Cafe 3B, Trondheim, 28th september

Allright - if you want a rock´n roll show, you fucking got one! No doubt about it, this is the best one you can get, around these parts. I´m the first to admit, that it ain´t the best show, technically speaking. The guys have only been together for a very short period of time, and been through some difficult changes in the line-up. Though the last one worked out pretty good, this one seem to be thee one, without any physical side effects. Tonight, was my third gig. And my expectations knew no boundaries. Trashcan Darlings playing in Oslo, a birthday party for Mr Backstreet Girl also in Oslo, you wanna place your bet on where I really wanted to be tonight!?? Ah, forget about it! Just finished work, I was off to the 3B bar, to get me some Thunders rock´n roll and Dictators New York City punkrock! My prayers were heard. An intro consisting of Iggy Pop´s Repo Man and Rose Tattoo´s Magnum Maid, got the crowd pumping right away. Followed by their own, Beer, Booze & Boogie - showed that they can write songs too! Chinese Rocks might be covered to death, but please keep this one in the set, cause you got it, and Dee Dee and Johnny, yeah, they´re no longer with us. You really punched this one out, and same goes with Born To Loose. Guys, don´t pay much attention to other versions around - you nailed them both tonight!  Trying to keep the Backstreet Girls footsteps warm, by doing Beatles´ Back In The Ussr, is a huge task. But again, you won´t hear any complaints from this side of rock´n roll! If I had to pick two favourites from tonight´s set-list, I´d go for Heartbreakers´ Pirate Love, and the Dictators´ Stay With Me. That´s what I call setting things on fire! Though it would´ve helped if the lead singer knew all the words... But that´s the beauty of a rock´n roll show - either the guitarist, or the crowd, steps in. Next time, you´ll nail these bastards! Another two compositions of their own, Toilet Trader and Rock Star Life, got the crowd all wound up. Why are there so many covers in the set?? Back to the rehearsal room, Maids, and kick out some more original stuff! Please! You got the hang of it now, you know! The only minus I got, is skip the heavier parts of the set. Let it all roll, cause Turbonegro can strut their own stuff, and what the hell is Bloodstains? But that´s just me. You got the glamour already, and glam will never be the toughest girl on the block. Just the coolest looking piece of ass in the bar!
Can´t wait ´till next time, lads!

29. september, 2005
**Ringo Kid**