s/t three track cd ep
(Poptown 703071 22222 6)

I thought this was a new record! But it´s from 1994, and like a friend pointed out - this couldn´t
be exactly "musical correct" in 1994! Who cares! I didn´t like what was "correct"  anyway!
Lovemaker - the name indicates one lover, but there are three of them: Zane Fix , Kriss Teen
and Mikki Twist. Great names, and maybe great lovers too?? Anyone who can confirm?
And does anybody know if they´re still around?? Three songs on this disc, and they all
oohze of high quality sleazy rock´n roll. Very sexy, yeah!
Hard to pick a favourite, but I might go for the opener - Bubblegum Lover.
Mötley Crüe fans, as well as Poison and Warrant lovers, will get their kicks off on this one.

10. january, 2006
**Ringo Kid**