Los Raw Gospels

El Fantasma (DCR-012)



Another fucked-up Dull City Records release! In the sense of something very cool and fucked up. This is the first release by this trio from London, and what do you know - Dull City Rec is the one to put it out! How do Mr. Dull find all these bands?! Well, you gotta give it to him. It wouldīve been sad without his stuff. The music sounds like early Oblivians and Monsieur Jeffrey Evans and his ī68 Comeback (which included some of the Oblivian brothers). Raw, electric Memphis-blues (except for one track, Hardcore, which is too fast and too much.), played on two guitars and drums, just like the Oblivians way. It says on the sleeve itīs recorded at The Cave, like thatīs a studio. It might as well been recorded in a freeze box. Pretty cool sound if you ask me, and Desperate Blues even got a Chuck Berry-ish intro, way out of control.
Yeah, weīre all the way to Memphis!


30. june, 2005
**Ringo Kid**