Los Aarones
Hit the streets! CD (AMP777)

Who knew that Bergen, a city on the coast of Norway, could bring us someone as good and sing-a-long happy punks as Los Aarones?? I for sure didn´t! I´m not gonna brag about the Trondheim-scene, ´cause we ain´t got shit to brag about. But Bergen is, if possible, even worse. Not gonna mention names, but talk about sappy, boring musicians! Make them hide in their caves and let Los Aarones show us how to dance to the bird dance beat. If you´re a fan of the Yum Yums, you´re gonna dig Los Aarones. They´ve played the hell outta "Rockaway Beach" while chewing Hubba Bubba bubblegum ´till the room is covered in pink googie. The two best songs, "Fine in ´89", which is simply pure poetry, and "Teenage Ramone" with it´s most adorable organ, sound very much like the Queers. And here in the street that´s a huge + in the book. More of this Los Aarones, and please teach you know who a few lessons. You certainly made me a happy boy!


11. may, 2004
**Ringo Kid**