Leaving Home

A Norwegian Tribute To The Ramones
(Seafront Studio/RAMO002)

(cover will come as soon as I get my scanner installed)

How many Ramones tributes can you take? Not enough, if you ask me!
If the bands on it are good, and they do what they should be doing - paying their respects
to the Ramones, then it usually turns up pretty decent. If bands start to experiment and fucking
up the classics, then it´s just a waste of time! Like Red Hot Chili Peppers did some years ago...
But how wrong can you go when the Seafront Studio announced that the Backstreet Girls and
Casino Steel was joining this party? To say the least, me and a bunch of other punks were looking forward
to it! And now it´s here, and there´s been a huge release party as well, which you can read about here:
rraf.net :: View topic - Ramones Tribute! (only in norwegian, sorry, but please, ask for a translation!)
28 tracks, 28 bands, some known and some unknown (to me that is). For starters, Los Plantronics
takes a mexican dive in the tequila, and I can´t think of a better band doing Ennio Morricone´s
The Good, The Bad And The Ugly! But, if you expected a full on report on all 28 tracks here,
you´re wrong! Cause 20 of them are very enjoyable, while a few selected are incredible!
And to waste my time and your time, on which bands that do lousy versions of the Ramones -
that would just be more waste of time. Rock´n roll Ramones time, that is.
If you really like the Ramones and wanna hear how the Ramones can be done, Norwegian style,
thrown in a couple of NYC rockers, you gotta get this! You´ll be surprised!

Ps: Please, feel free to ask me who is great and who is bad, in the Wine & Roses section of the forum.


10. november, 2005
**Ringo Kid**