Kevin K

Polish Blood
(Pasazer Records)

A 20 track compilation released in Poland, featuring well-known tracks from
the albums Mr Bones, Perfect Sin, Addiction and even the latest one, Rockin Roll Dynamite,
as well as a few others, but I ainīt got those.
The first track , Do You Wanna Kiss, was included on a live dvd some time ago, and itīs gotta be in the top 5,
 cause this is Kevin K at his finest, as far as I am concerned! A classic Kevin K track!
In Slut we get a little Ramones style, and the intro to the fantastic, Canīt Look Back ,
is almost like Johnny Thundersī London Boys. Both numbers rocks enormously!
Polish Blood is just as good an album as any of the others, if youīre looking for a way into
Kevin Kīs amazing world of punkrock and rockīn roll music. Youīll be stunned over the amount
of great rocking songs, but thereīs always a couple of numbers that canīt keep up with the majority,
like the heavier side to Steel Rain from Mr Bones.
No worries though, as 19 out of 20 are of high quality rockīn roll!

Ps: The cover mentions a bonus video, but I canīt get to see it on any of my systems.
But it seems like itīs meant to be a track from the live dvd.

27. july, 2006
**Ringo Kid**