Kevin K
Mr. Bones cd (Realkat Records)

Tokyo Rocks 7" (AOK 45-001)

Kevin K has gone heavy! Mr. Bones, released this year, is a long throw away from the earlier stuff, reviewed right under. I canīt quite figure out what lead to this direction. I donīt like it half as much as I do with the other stuff - gone are all the lovely licks, replaced with guitars coming down at ya like heavy machinery. I think Kevin mustīve forgotten his leather pants and now got one made of steel from the scrapyard. But despite all this, some silver coins and gold doubloons are here. White Trash has got a simple but cool riff, catchy as hell. The cover of AC/DCīs Up To My Neck, sports the craziest vocal ever, topped with a Thunder-esque guitar solo. Nice one, Kevin - I truly love it! At the end of the record, Iīm lost in the world of Kevin K once more - in the acoustic ballad Cherry Vanilla, heīs as passionate as the late Stiv Bators and Rene Berg was in their most tender moments. Itīs just so fucking beautiful, time to let the tears flow...
Two tracks on the Tokyo Rocks 7". A speed-driven version of Steppin Stone - the Monkees song the Sex Pistols fucked up so nicely - and a cool number called Melody, which sounds better than on the NY, NY compilation. Backed up by japanese rockers, The Golden Arms, itīs raw, vicious and full on punk-rock throttle. Donīt hesitate if you see it around!
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2. march, 2005
**Ringo Kid**