Jolly Jumpers

Suki Suki b/w Pittsburgh Paranoids 7"  (DCR011)



Out of Tyrnävä, Finland, comes the Jolly Jumpers. They´ve been around for 15 years and this is their first release outside of Finland! It seems that the Jolly Jumpers ain´t been much around except for the finnish woods, but they´ve released a bunch of records there and won the national  Band Of The Year. Now they got ex-Flaming Sideburns, Arimatti Jutila, in their ranks, and things are happening. This 7" is mixed at legendary Kick Out The Jams! studios, by well-known Jürgen Hendlmeier, and it´s not far from the coolnes of the early Flaming Sideburns records, only they ain´t got that special intensity on the a-side. It´s a cool song, indeed, but a little more of everything would´ve really made it. But the song catches more and more on for each spin, so it grows on you easily. Pittsburgh Paranoids (Maw Power version) is taken from their Hometown Hi-Fi album from 2004 (released on Hot Igloo records). The bass and drums keep a cool and steady groove, while the riffs are flying around, and an ice-cool voice keeps it all in a dark frame. Extra bonus points for excellent artwork - another good release by Dull City Records.

Dull City Records:

28. april, 2005
**Ringo Kid**