Johnny and the Remains

What can I do? (about that girl)  7”

B/W Born to lose

 (Running Eye Records – EYE 001)


This pink beauty dropped into my mail-box the other day. Johnny and the Remains is a well known name in the
Trondheim underground punk-scene, but who knows how long we can keep them a local secret.


This is raw, low-budget punk rock n’ roll with tons of attitude. I have to admit I’ve never seen Johnny and the Remains
live yet, but they play a lot better than I expected them to, and I’m really starting to see that the underground scene is
filled with just as many great musicians as songwriters. For what I can hear from this 7”, this band has both!


The a-side on the 7” is their own “What can I do? (about that girl)”. A catchy tune with clear influences to bands
such as NOFX, Ramones and Pennywise. They also manage to throw in both boogie-guitar riffs and handclaps,
which we of course all know how to appreciate here at RRAF. Ha, ha.

The b-side, being a cover of Johnny Thunders, is an instant hit on the stereo. The song suits the band perfectly, or maybe
it’s the other way around. I don’t know, but they pull it off well! It’s also particularly funny to listen to how
the backing singer’s voice sounds just like Cartman from South Park. I highly doubt it’s on purpose though.
I guess punk and comics just have a really close relationship.


This is the first single from their soon to come full-length debut; “It came from the basement” –
so stay tuned for more Johnny and the Remains.


If you’re into fast punk rock like the bands mentioned above, there’s no way you won’t like this 7”.
You can buy the record at Aftermath or Hotlips in Trondheim, or by contacting the band.


22. December, 2006

**Billy McBarbie**