Johnny Casino´s Easy Action
We´ve Forgotten More Than You´ll Ever Know


What a great name for a band! And what a terrific title! This eleven track promo cd hit my street last thursday, I think, and it´s been on for most of the weekend, and then some. Aussie-boy Johnny Casino from The Egos and Asteroid B-612 (I remember seeing that name somewhere before, it has to be taken from the Sonic´s Rendezvous song with the same name), his brother Grahame, the McCarthy brothers from Philadelphia´s Limecell (another familiar name, but can´t ever remember hearing them) and the Cosmic Commander of Wrestling joining in on some vocal duties I guess. Please correct me someone, but wasn´t that the mighty roar in The Coyote Men??! That´s also where some of these songs go, powerful garage-rock like... yep, the Coyote Men. Now you may read my comparisons with them right down under, but you see, as far as the garage side of rock´n roll goes, my favourites are very limited. They´re very good, but I don´t need much more of it. The first track, Sorry, is the exception. Very cool indeed. And then, boys and girls, a number that I´ve played to death these last days - an amazing boogie rocker called Roy The Boy, complete with boogie-woogie piano and everything! I guess that´s Johnny Casino on the lead vox. Anyway it´s just a marvellous song, one for my next compilations. There´s a lot of variety here, one of the best is the soulful Expressway To Your Heart and the country influenced Somedays - a pretty little sad fucker. And lo and behold, with Danny´s Sister we´re back on the search for Chuck Berry again! Those two boogie rockers can have a party going for a long time, I like it just as much as I do with the MC5 doing Back In The USA (the last song is a cover of MC5´s Black To Comm, fucking nice done!) - put on your best shoes and you can´t go wrong! I´ll dance the night away to Johnny Casino, hoping for some easy action to come my way. I´ll put the speakers out the window!

30. november, 2004
**Ringo Kid**