Live at Skuret, Trondheim

One thing first - Jetsurfers has been one of my favourite bands since I first heard them, maybe
four-five years ago. And they still are! This was they´re forth time here in Trondheim, I think.
It´s about time that people know how great they are by now. Unfortunately, like one year ago,
when Ian Hunter played at the same night, there was a couple of other huge gig´s in the town.
I´m pretty sure more people would´ve showed up for the Jetsurfers if it wasn´t for those...
Well, enough about that. Now it´s time to tell you all how great the show on thursday was!
They opened with, to me, a new number. And like a shot in the dark, a great and electric version of
Mountain Home! I´ve waited for that a long time! I love that song, both the studio version on
Wildcards and the live version from Muddy Waters. But I´ve always wanted to hear it loud and
really rockin´, and that I got! It was a show like no other, I felt chills down my spine all through
the concert, and not because of the cold weather! But the music and spirit of Jetsurfers really
makes me feel great!
We got a cover of Johnny Cash´s I Still Miss Somemone, and Folsom Prison Blues, and something
my friend thought was Bob Dylan´s Every Grain Of Sand, but turned out to be another new
Jetsurfers classic. Gram Parson´s Six Days On The Road was there, as well as the Stones
pearl, Dead Flowers - which the Jets performed just superb!
So next time honey, you´ll all come along for a ride down the dusty road, awright!?

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16. may, 2006
**Ringo Kid**