Jackie And The Rotten Cherries
Live at Cafe 3B, Trondheim

From the first strumming chords of Buzzcocksī Orgasm Addict (Hey Mr Blonde! Thanks:-)),
this was clearly a night thatīs gonna be remembered for some time.
Iīve heard so much good stuff about this five-piece punkrock/rockīn roll band, consisting
of five local girls, who all seem to be very into the ī70īs rockīn roll scene, that I really had my hopes
up high for this wednesday night.
Someone shouldīve asked me if I was up for something Young, Loud and Snotty!
It was fast, it was raw and it was a hit and run appearance! If you came for a well-played set, in the
sense of a band thatīs set out to show people how good they are with their guitars - you came to
the wrong bar this night! This show was pure fun! And ainīt that the way rockīn rollīs supposed to be?!
With their tightly fitted Heartbreakers and Hanoi Rocks t-shirts, and an attitude like a fresh
New York Dolls, they ran through a series of great covers, like Sonic Reducer and the fastest version
ever of One Track Mind! We got two originals - Smells Like Hairspray (played twice!) and I Wanna Be Kinky.
(Please correct me anyone, as Iīm pretty sure I got these titles wrong.)
The Hairspray song was my highlight of the night, and maybe a hit to look out for...


21. april, 2006
**Ringo Kid**