The Incubators
6-track promo cd

The Incubators is a new band by Sindre Matre and Stig Amundsen from The Tip Toppers, including Richard Hjemmen from Crowtown on drums and Raldo Uselesss from Gluecifer on lead and rhythm guitar. This is not the Ramones-drenched influence that the Tip Toppers fly on, but more pop orientated. To be honest, itīs a bit hard to find someone to compare them with, the Posies spring to mind, only the Incubators is way better! It took me a couple of rounds to really get this, but when I did, it hit me big time! Sindreīs warm voice surrounds these catchy songs in a way that make me think this is all his work, but the guitar-playing of Raldo Useless always have me say that heīs one of my favourite rhythm guitarists. When this disc hitīs my stereo it doesnīt leave the first hour - it happens everytime! All six songs are very good, Tough Night, I Could Be Your Nightmare, Eyes Away From You and Wonīt Be Back are all potential air-wave fillers (did that sound a little bad? Itīs meant in a very positive way!) and I really hope that a lot of people will get their hands on this ep when itīs ready for release. Eyes Away From You is one of the best fucking songs Iīve heard this year and should be put on heavy rotation in all channels! The word is the bird and let mine fly far! Visit the Tip Toppers web-site for more info.

16. november, 2004
**Ringo Kid**