High-School Motherfuckers!
Want some?! promo CD
(Shotgun Generation Records 69-002)

Yeah I want some! Cool Ramones-punk-rock´n roll from France and a band-name that says `gimme some´! This five-track promo-cd is a perfect apetizer for the album with the same name, including one of the best versions of "Blitzkrieg Bop" that I´ve ever heard. Is it even possible to grow tired of that tune?! I´ve heard a lot of shitty versions of it as well, the High-School Motherfuckers manage to impress me with their fantastic Ramones-energy and enthusiasm. But they offer some really rockin´ hits of their own too, "Writings on the wall", "Hangover in Hungary" and "Spider" has me going through this boring night, sleep is for old people. I wanna rock with the HSMF´s and be very, very happy that some french guy sent me this disc.
Keep on 1-2-3-4 and bop bop bop....


1. june, 2004
**Ringo Kid**