Help Heal Heidi
Benefit concert, dvd
(Poptown Records)

A bunch of New York City bands (I guess!) gathered to help out the injured bass player of Bombshell.
A nice gesture and it seems like it was a nice show too. One guy called Bobby Steele opens the show,
a solo acoustic performance, including an alright version of Roy Orbisons Pretty Woman, but does a better
job on Hello Mary Lou. Raw punkrock by the Hooligans and Lady Unluck, but my new favourites,
The Scared Stiffs blows everybody off the stage! The Bombshell showstopper, Whatever Happened To NYC,
is one of the highlights, and they also got a couple of other great songs, like Creeps.
The filming is very cool, lots of close up on the bands, but the lighting gets tiresome.
A bit dark and red spotlights, very moody, but no variation.
Anyway, The Scared Stiffs - just plain, great rock´n roll fun! I like it!

13. january, 2006
**Ringo Kid**