Hell Dörmer
Space Age Rocket Rage

It's time for heavyrock, folks!
Maybe it'll surprise you, but I've had my time with the headbangers. Though not the long hair,
but the music was there alright. Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, Kiss, TNT, and of course Ac/Dc.
One of the bands I still listen to, is Motörhead. It's a blast anytime!
In true Motörhead style, somewhere right between the intros of Ace Of Spades and Motörhead,
Hell Dörmer hits if off like a train on the loose! Backline Fever is shockingly good, and the volume is on it's way up.
Nowhere near the same speed on the next number, Sin City Sinners, but I like this one even better.
More to my taste, kind of friendlier and one for the late nights. Love the lyrics:
" It's the city for you to come alive, And it's the city for you to slowly die"  which I believe we all can relate to.
Third track, This Time, fulfills the opening hattrick. Just another example of very cool songwriting:
" Singing the blues and sippin' on my Jim, Crying over some love I never could win"  sounds perfect to
this almost "soft" spot on the album. Maybe the rumour of Hell Dörmer precedes them,
cause I didn't expect them to sound this cool and catchy. I mean, they are more than hard'n tough enough,
but compared to what I'd already heard - this is way better!
Firewater, along with Nobody Knows, which probably are my two favourites,
they've now kept me up all night, and I don't mind going another round!
I don't mind there's a couple of tracks I don't fancy. This is a great album,
which will work both ways - the rocking way and the banging way. 


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22. october, 2007
**Ringo Kid**