Hard Up, Hung Up And Despised Volume 1,
7" ep (WV01)

Four bands on this compilation - fast, hard rock is what it´s all about. You don´t really have to think twice about Lemon Grove Kids and New Wave Hookers, they´re forgotten before they´re done. I have to dig out an old 7" I´ve got by the New Wave Hookers ´cause I believe that one wasn´t so bad. Screaming Furys play more garage rock´n roll in the veins of The Mummies and is the winner here. 8 Foot Tender is not bad either but the split with The Weaklings is way better. It seems that Waxvaccine Records is getting better and better by every new release. The Weaklings and 8 Foot Tender are bands to watch out for, so stay tuned!

Waxvaccine Records

25. august, 2004
**Ringo Kid**