Hanoi Rocks
Keep our fire burning CDS (MLCDS009)

That Michael Monroe and Andy McCoy started collaborating again some years back is one of the best things thatīs happened to me really. Every time I play "Twelve shots on the rocks" I think the magicīs back! Yes we need people like you, luckily we survived without the Muddy Twins long enough to be "reborn" (as Mr. Monroe himself puts it). And it was with great joy and enthusiasm I recieved this brand new single. I knew already that it would find itīs way to my empty heart (hints to the Glimmer Twins everywhere!) but I didnīt know it could strike so hard. First of all, the front cover is beautiful (designed by bass-player Timpa), you gotta make posters out of it. And the inside includes a very cool live photo and lyrics to both songs. Thatīs the way to sell cd-singles! Some guys complained that the title-track was a remake of Andyīs "River of dreams". I really canīt see where thatīs coming from, maybe some parts are reminiscent, but this sounds like a new Hanoi Rocks classic to me! And obviously to the finnish public too as it went straight to #2 in the singles chart. The "b-side" is a cover of Pearl Harbourīs "Heaven is gonna be empty" which rocks like a motherfucker! Bad way to put it maybe but true so true. Never heard Pearl Harbour, though Iīm digging at the moment, but who cares as long as Hanoi makes it their own as with all other great covers they do. You can easily find this single through cd-shops on the net, so do it!
PS: This is new guitarist Stevie Klassonīs debut.


6. july, 2004
**Ringo Kid**