Electric Shadows
5-track demo cd

Melodic punkrock ala 1977/78 - something like that by this three-piece from NYC. Cool melodies with a lot of wo-ooh´s just dying to reach out in the audience, find you and flow through your arterys. My blood is pretty dark already, almost blue you know, but these shadows cast light - hence the `Electric´ I guess. This is only a demo but let´s hope they´ll come out on a proper release soon. The drums need more punch and another guitar could´ve tightened it up, but the songs are terrific! I´m ready for a dance in the Brooklyn Trash Bar as soon as I´m back in NYC! Their cover of the Honest John Plain/Darrel Bath composition, Operator, sounds like it comes from three rock´n roll hearts. The Electric Shadows got that feeling to it which not many bands around have.

Electric Shadows contact:

17. november, 2004
**Ringo Kid**