Duckwalk Chuck
Cominī Out Blastinī
(2004 Duckwalk Chuck/Dead Hippie Records)

Somebody out there obviously knows that RRAF is in love with boogie... with stuff like this, you canīt go wrong!
While we are waiting for another AC/DC record - Duckwalk Chuck will definitely keep the party going.
They hold the flame of AC/DC high, Angus and Malcolm riffs are flying all over! A steady backbeat and
a lead singer who drinks and shouts on top of it all, just like itīs supposed to be.
12 tracks in 43 minutes. All numbers donīt go down well with me, but most of them got me by the balls.
And I really mean that! You can feel the Duckwalk boogie got a hold on your belows as their pumping out
ass kickers like GTA, Out Of Luck, Loudcifer, Alcopocalypse, to name a few.
Donīt dare to miss this shit-hot boogie band when they come to your town!

BTW - Duckwalk Chuck is from Sandnes, Norway.

18. january, 2006
**Ringo Kid**