The Divine Brown
The Dirty Gospel According To... (Wrecked009)


London-based The Divine Brown, previously reviewed by among others Kerrang Magazine, Uncut Magazine and, and now by! I feel proud to be in such company, to find this disc in my mailbox is just what I need on a rotten monday afternoon. It makes me forget which day it is, not that monday is that bad, but rockīn roll makes me happy, and even happier when a gang of London rockers found out my adress! Give it out to some nice girls please...
The Dirty Gospel... is a very well produced rock-album - tight riffs and loud sing-a-long anthems. Itīs somewhere between swedish band The Turpentines and aussie sleazters The Onyas, but not so many good songs that gets me hooked. You can hear that they really try, and at first I was very taken by it, but after a few more beers and heavy rotation on the stereo - I wanted to put on the afore mentioned bands. And then all I could think of was MC5, beause thatīs where The Divine Brown really got their feet - Detroit! The best of the bunch here is the first track, a cool garage stomp like The Coyote Men at their best, and I love the Sex Pistols Steppinī Stone rip-off at the end. A first choice for a single I hope. And the album hits again during the last two songs, Fuck Rockīn Roll is just as dirty as the album-title promises. The last one is a bonus-track called Brown Got Da Power, I think. A catchy little ditty.
BTW - as Iīm signing off here, the Gluecifer-esque second track, King Of Shit City, has me fetching another beer. Now Iīll see if I can find Ridinī The Tiger.

30. november, 2004
**Ringo Kid**