Dennis Most & Audiolove

Live at the El Cid, december 1976. (CTCD-474)

A very interesting cd this, as Iīve heard the name Dennis Most mentioned quite a few times, along with the Instigators, who heīs playing with today. But here he is backed by Audiolove, recorded live in 1976, and released last year on japanese label, Captain Trip Records. This is downīn dirty punk, but with some very long guitar solos! I often push skip to next track when they start. And why on earth thereīs a cover of Frank Zappaīs Who Are The Brain Police?, thatīs my hundred dollar question! (Itīs gotta be F.Z. right? The song is credited Zappa) Other covers here include Arthur Lee & Loveīs Signed D.C., which Iīm not too thrilled about. Stoogesī Down On The Street is pretty cool, and a medley including Bobby Fullerīs I Fought The Law is my highlight on this disc, along with one of Mr. Mosts own compositions, Excuse My Spunk. If you like Radio Birdman, this can be something for you. Sometimes this has got the cool, raw sound that Sonny Vincent and the Testors had at the same time, but I have to warn you again, beware of the solos!
Ps: This was written some weeks ago, but due to technical difficulties, itīs a bit delayed. Sorry!

25. july, 2005
**Ringo Kid**