Dave Kusworth & The Tenderhooks

Like "Wonderland Avenue" In A Cold Climate, CD (ml012)



This has taken way too much time! This review should´ve been up here a long time ago, but due to more reasons than worth mentioning, I won´t bother you with them. It´s here now, and if you haven´t noticed earlier, the release of this album, you haven´t been much on this site. Too bad for you, eh?! "Wonderland Avenue" came out last year on american label, Mod Lang Records. I don´t think too many out there know that. If you´re searching for an overlooked record  from 2004 - Wonderland Avenue has to be the most wanted! This is a well hidden pearl, even amongst Dave Kusworth records. It lacks a bit in the energy department - the only track  that rocks like Hooked To Your Heart and Apartment To Compartment, is A Real Girl. But where the harder rock´n roll sound could be, you´ll get diamonds like the Stones at their sweetest moments like Time Waits For No One, Moonlight Mile and Winter. I promise you sweet dreams and a lot of lovely (maybe dangerous) daydreaming with songs like It Comes And It Goes, Street Imagery, Come With Me... and the greatest ballad to come out of Britain last year, How Come I Always Dream About You? ! You´ll be swept away in Mr. Kusworths voice, and what might be the last you´ll hear from his beloved Tenderhooks. Some of the guys have wrapped up their scarves and left. But Dave Twist is still behind the drums, while Mr. Eamonn Duffy got hold of the bass in the new line-up, called Dave Kusworth & His Band. Look out for a new rockin´ record sometime this year! Meanwhile, you should get a hold of a copy of Wonderland Avenue, pour yourself a bottle of wine, any colour will do just fine, and be happy that you´re one of the lucky ones! Soon, this will be a sought after item on places like Amazon and Gemm, where sky-high prices might do this record justice.   


28. april, 2005
**Ringo Kid**