Daisy´s Dead
"Daisy´s Dead"
(Own label/Sonet distribution)


After five years in the Trondheim rock scene under the name Beinhard, the guys suddenly decided to change their name to Daisy’s Dead. You can call them whatever you like, but there is no doubt that their first album contains nothing but sleazy boogie rock n’ roll.

 It all starts with their myspace-teaser “She goes down”, and from there it just keeps on going for about half an hour.
They pretty much steal with both hands from bands such as Backstreet Girls and Rose Tattoo, but with tons of
attitude and the brilliant voice of singer Erik Snoen, they probably could get away with anything.

Besides the musical influences from BSG, they guys also managed to get Petter Baarli and Burn Müller to appear
on the record. Petter is doing his share of guitar-shredding on “Mama”, while Burn sings with Snoen on
one of the albums most catchy tunes “Just Another Saturday”. The other teaser to be found on myspace was
“Sweet Baby Jane”, which also stands out as a major hit. The song has pretty much everything,
and the chorus will never, ever leave your mind.

 From the first riff ‘till the last note this is a straight forward rock n’ roll album.
There’s no speed-bumps and no surprises, just good riffs, boogie-guitars and sing-a-long choruses all the way.
Can’t wait to get another beer, while the record makes another round. Cheers!


16. may, 2007
**Billy McBarbie**