Crimson Sweet
Wired For The Last Move b/w Basement Star 7"
(Slow Gold Zebra Records 005)

Pretty energetic this very good looking piece of plastic from New York City.
Great cover that comes with a lyric sheet, a cool and clear see-through 7"  record 
holding two noisy rockers which rocks pretty rough and tough.
Very raw female vocals, but not a big fan when she tries
out what reminds me of Breeders or something, on the A side. It's a cool enough song,
but it ain't the rolling sound I want.
A little more rolling on side B and Basement Star is definitely my favourite of these two.
One minute I'm digging it, the next I just wanna turn it off. Fucking confusing this band!
On their myspace site they've put up a song from 2005 called Boulevard, which is way better.
Wired For The Last Move is also up there, so there's nothing in your way of checking them out
for yourself. It's become easy that way.
Well, it looks like they've broken up now, but they sound like a band that people want more from
so you'll see them around sometime soon.

16. november, 2007
**Ringo Kid**