Chris Laubis
In A Wyrd Place
(Poptown 99992)

I´ve never heard of Chris Laubis before, but he is also in a band called The Scared Stiffs, on the same label.
There´s some nice stuff on this disc, which came out sometime last year. The two first tracks are more than
alright. Easy pop songs with a cool acoustic vibe, and Chris´ hurt voice. Except for those, a good version
of T. Rex´s 20th Century Boy and a nice, melodic one called Teenage Tragedy - this record becomes a little boring.
Looking at the cover makes me think of october and a lot of dead leafes, and most of the songs
sound that way too. It could be a great record this, I hoped for another one in the Jacobites landscape
when I first put it on, but there´s just nothing there! 
But Teenage Tragedy is a great one for me, and the T.Rex cover gets a new life
with a very cool saxophone added, sounds almost like Johnny Thunders´ sax player,
Jamie Heath (RIP) is still around.

4. january, 2006
**Ringo Kid**