Casino Steel
There´s A Tear In My Beer
(REX CD 12005)


Alright, a brand new Casino steel record! The first since 2001´s VSOP, and with all new material. Well, some of it was originally recorded over fifty years ago by Hank Williams - There´s A Tear In My Beer, I´m So Lonesome I Could Cry and Cold, Cold Heart. Cas and the Tearjerkers have turned the title track into a boogie-monster, which suits the song just perfect, while the others are in pure Hank Williams tradition. I think old Hank (RIP) might even like these better than Williams II ever could do with them, I know I do. Three new Steel compositions, including a dirty, little rocker called I Was Barely Getting By, while the soul of Johnny Cash (RIP) flows through I´m Unable To Toe The Line. It´s pretty brave to do a cover of Louis Armstrongs What A Wonderful World, after Casino´s old bandmate, Joey Ramone, recorded such a great version of it. This one got a lovely jazzy feeling to it, like Cas was backed by Charlie Watts´ band, or they were sitting in a joint on Bourbon Street. Casino´s friend and former lead singer in the Hollywood Brats, Andrew Matheson, has once more contributed on the songwriting side, with the heartbreaking Oh Ramona, one of many favourites on the record.  H. P. Baarli from the Backstreet Girls has layed some lovely guitar licks throughout the record, just listen to I´m So Lonesome I Could Cry, while the heavenly voices of Claudia Scott, Tone Holen and Liz-Tove Vespestad embraces the songs beautifully. All in all, there´s a lot of tears and broken hearts, but that I´m used to anyway. Call me up if there´s another lonely soul out there, and we´ll cry a few tears and drink a few beers to the memory of Hank Williams.

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7. september, 2005
**Ringo Kid**