The Boys
Satisfaccion Garantizada CD (RWY 001)

"The Boys are back!" And wouldnīt that be a dream come true... Anyway thatīs how this new collection of undying punkrock/rockīn roll classics begins. By one of the most important and influential bands of all time. In my world that is, and should be in every other rockīn rollers too! Released by Rockaway Records from Buenos Aires, Argentina, this might be a bit hard to find in the ordinary record stores, but itīs no problem to order it directly from Rockaway. Or you can get in touch with me and Iīll get some more copies of this fantastic comp. Already sold out five!
The show starts with "Brickfield Nights" through the lovely "Terminal Love" and already well satisfied by the third track, "Satisfaction Guaranteed", indeed! "First time" is of course here, which some might remember The Vikings did a more than allright version of some years ago. "Jimmy Brown" (check out the blistering version Michael Monroe did on his "Watcha want"-record, "TCP" (which another Hanoi Rocks, Mr. Gyp Casino and the Nomads has done good tributes of), "Weekend" and "See ya later" makes this a must-have for anyone with their minds off track. All in all 15 greats from the Boys back-catalogue, including "Svengerland" from the deleted cd-single by the same name. Bonus tracks include "Heroine" and "Sick on you" with Die Toten Hosen singer Campino on vox, and most of all, four videos thatīs worth the price alone! So for the Boys-fan that has everything these vids of "Brickfield Nights"(1978), "Sway"(1978), "Weekend"(1981) and "Brickfield Nights"(1996) is just the perfect thing. For everybody else, you need this disc, so just let go of whatever youīre doing and buy this masterpiece. The booklet shows an article Joey Ramone wrote for Punk Magazine in 1981 with the headline Give the Boys a break!! And you all know that good old Joey always was right!
If I had some way of giving records grades, this one I would throw a thousand six-eyed dices and a hell of alot pirate queens!

1. june, 2004
**Ringo Kid**