The Boogiemen Inc.
Dirty Looks

It's rockin'  time!!! You may just as well get out the rum and start drinking!
Here's a group rare as snow in the summer. They got the sound, they got the melodies,
they know how to have a real good time and they're from these parts of the country!
I've probably mentioned this a couple of times before, that bands around the Trondheim area
usually are without a clue how to make the rock 'n' roll sound. But since the Magnum Maids
and the Terror Twins boys started kicking up dust around the city's scenes, many a good time
has been had. And as far as I remember two of these nights have been shows with The Boogiemen Inc.
You know the feeling of leaving a great show without a record to put on when you come home alone?
Those were them nights. But now I got something to put on and it fucking stays on!
I even had the pleasure of a door to door delivery by the bass player. Talk about service!
Next time you gotta make time for a drink or four.
Alright, three tracks on this swingin' disc. The title track, Dirty Looks backed up by
Moving On Down and Easy Action. All numbers recorded in may this year at Skansen Studios
here in Trondheim City. These guys don't really need a studio,  cause this would work
really well in a basement or backstage after a gig and a bottle of JD!
Well, I guess the bottle, or two, of JD was there anyway! Maybe rum was the choice of the evening...
I just can't escape the image of good boy Phil Lynott flashing before my eyes
during this eleven minute boogie ride. Hell I wanna see these boys'  Thin Lizzy collection!
Maybe they got a record or two by Liverpool's finest too, Spider. Either way you just can't go wrong
with this disc. And you, like me,  wanting more with legs apart and hard rocking boogie
keeping you up all night. That's the way it should be!

Check out the songs here:

15. november, 2007
**Ringo Kid**