Scandinavian Wanker, cdep (WIV030CD)


Iīve said it before and canīt say it enough - good garage rockīn roll is very hard to create and thereīs too many fucking bands of that sort out there! Go home and try and make some disco instead, maybe I will like you then. But thereīs some people that know how garage rockīn roll ought to sound like, luckily theyīre still doing it! Iīve never really bothered to check out too many bands, some swedish bands wore me out with their boring songs and I got enough. But every band that Arne Thelin has been involved with like The Lust-O-Rama, Cosmic Dropouts, Bittersweets and Kwyet Kings have all rocked my house any time. And now heīs out in the streets of Thailand with his new outfit, Bithammer! Well, they have been around for some time and released one brilliant 7" on Sneakers records here in Norway. Scroll down a bit and see the review. This time itīs a six-track cd ep released on Tokyos Wizzard In Vinyl (strange, huh?) and it doesnīt stand back for anything! Maybe itīs just my excitement but the first track, Stevie Come Back, is one of the best of Thelinīs work ever! Itīs such a great song full of energy and an amazing intro, the fuzz, and hopefully the buzz, is on. Get this song to the charts so people can hear how itīs done. The next two tracks is off the High And Mighty 7", and itīs nice to have them on cd, but thatīs also my little problem. I would rather have more new songs when itīs as good as this, but itīs great that more people now can hear these cool earlier numbers, Teenage Gay Queen is still a topnotch title. Same goes for Rockīn Roll Whore, but itīs a little weird track, none the less itīs a good song. Now, go and buy the damn thing! We got it for sale right on this web-site, mail me today and Iīll have it off to you tomorrow.

24. october, 2004
**Ringo Kid**