Backyard Babies
Live at John Dee, Oslo

Backyard Babies are one of those bands. You know, the ones you know you like,
but never really get around to start listening to.
I saw BB on Swedish television a couple of years ago. It was some sort of family entertainment friday night talk-show. They played their so far biggest hit, Minus Celsius, and told the host that when they first decided to be rockstars, they got so tattooed up that they could be sure they would never get a ”real” job.
They have no other choice than to play rock’n’roll. Thank God for that.

 John Dee was packed. The audience was a really strange mix. Everyone from dirty punks to people
who look like they belong in Paris Hilton’s crowd had found their way down.
BB got the whole crowd moving only twice. During ”Brand New Hate”, and ”Minus Celsius”.
The latter from their big comercial break, ”Stockholm Syndrome”. It was the only song from that release. According to people who know a lot more about this band than I do, compared to their other releases,
SS isn’t very good. The rest of the songs were mainly from ”Total 13” and their
newest album ”People Like People Like People Like Us”. A lot of songs I’d never heard before.
Acording to the band itself, ”People Like..” is more dynamic, honest and simple than their previous records.
It is their fifth album, produced by Hellacopters’ Nicke Andersson. To me, that is a quality-sign.

 On this tour the band have brought along a support-act; Supagroup. They weren’t exactly super.
I’ve heard a lot about this band. But not a word about their music. Two of them are the
grand-children of martial art/movie legend Bruce Lee. It didn’t help. The most interesting thing about
these guys were the way they simultaneously tossed their hair, heavy metal style. How cute.
I not only feel like I’ve heard this band in different versions a million times before, I had a really
hard time separating the songs from each other. They all sounded exactly the same to me.
I got bored pretty quickly.

 Both bands broke guitar-strings. Backyard Babies during the intro to the beautiful power-balad ”Roads”. Nobody seemed to mind though, because while they changed strings, we got to witness a great, probably improvised, guitar-solo by the lovely Mr.Dregen. 

 I think everyone who was there had a great time. And I think everbody who wasn’t should regret it.
In the bands own words; People who doesn’t like Backyard Babies doesn’t like rock’n’roll!

Pictures from the gig can be seen here: :: View topic - Bacyard Babies
All pics taken by Bleeding Me!

21. april, 2006