Baby Woodrose
Dropout! (AFROCD021)

Two of the most popular Bad Afro signings, Sweatmaster and Baby Woodrose have gone and done the same thing, honouring their musical influences. Both of them got their feet well planted in the sixties, but while Sweatmaster (reviewed below) also digs in the harder rock from the 70īs/80īs, Baby Woodrose gets high in the psychedelic 60īs. First off, Canīt Explain by Love, and to my surprise itīs my favourite track on this cd! Arthur Leeīs never been so great around here. Whoīs It Gonna Be by Fred Coles The Lollipop Shoppe, The 13th Floor Elevatorsī I Donīt Ever Want To Come Down, Captain Beefhearts Dropout Boogie are all possible hits for the stoner-rock crowd. Not my thingy really. Iīd rather put on The Sonics original Iīm Going Home than the Babys version, same goes for their way too heavy take on Stoogesī Not Right. After some rounds with Dropout it still amazes me that they managed to get something so good out of a Love song. And thatīs what I like the best here, the poppier side of Baby Woodrose. Their version of The Saintsī This Perfect Day is also a great one.
Release date 20. september, on lp and cd.

17. august, 2004
**Ringo Kid**