Pnuk  CD (PNUKCD001)



Classic UK punk-rock with all the intensity of the UK Subs and Cock Sparrer, add a little Motörhead and a few Rancid bass-lines, and you got the idea. This is punk-rock right up my alley – short songs stuffed with catchy melodies that got me going all night. Right on fucking irresistible! It ain´t hard to picture yourself an Airbomb live show – a rioting crowd of punks in all shapes drenched in beer and sweat, pogoing to a band that doesn´t care about much other than playing to them. Do you remember the fun?! Then don´t hesitate anymore and get yourself a copy of this punk-rock explosion!

PS: Why don´t simply call the album Punk? When that´s what this really is. Pnuk doesn´t look so good.

28. april, 2005
**Ringo Kid**