The Åsmunds
Who Killed The Man In You? 7" EP

This duo from Oslo have become RRAF´s new darlings when it comes to punkrock! A fullblown rock´n roll assault with the energy of a mad punk, performed with one guitar and drums - exclusively played by Åsmund himself and Johnny Rehab. I´ve earlier reviewed a live cd, also out on Hit Me! records, and this is just another slab of brilliancy by this legendary label, their first 7" in five years! And keep ´em coming! The songs hit you right in the guts and the lyrics are hilarious, and should have been nominated in the Grammys for some of the best rhymes ever, see: `Here I am and I´m feeling good, standing here with my morning wood´. All four songs are right on target, infectious as hell, and doomed to be live classics to a huge crowd. I know some of these are already, like Hard Drinkin´ Man and Drunk´n´ Punk, which is just amazing stuff. Only 500 copies available, and the first 100 comes with a button, which also is numbered! To prove you no wrong - go to the Hit Me! site - there you can listen to some tracks, both from the ep and the live cd. Don´t be last in line!

7. september, 2005
**Ringo Kid**