The Rock´n Roll, Alcohol and Fucking in the Streets
Tour of New York City, 4. september - 15. september, 2003.
(Ole M. Holien (DOR.) and Ringo Kid on a rock´n roll holiday)


First night out on the town, in Brooklyn, to see the Dictators. Guitar-hero Ross the Boss and
Handsome Dick Manitoba showing the Brooklyn crowd, and us, how boys from the Bronx like to rock!


Friendly as ever with Ross The Boss! See how happy a little norwegian kid can be?!
Pic taken by the Dictators´ beautiful merch-baby.

The norwegian Vikingfjord vodka was on sale at the liquor-store that day.
What can you say, except drink it! On the right, we´re out on a fieldtrip to
the Statue of Liberty. But I was more interested in Ole, think he´s wearing a
Backstreet Girls t-shirt. Ellis Island (the old immigration check-in) and NYC in the
background. What a contrast, Ellis Island looks the same as it did 200 years ago!


A night out on the town with Alison Gordy. You won´t believe her age, and one of the most amazing girls
I´ve ever met! And she paid for the beer too! If only I´d been born some years sooner, and my parents
were New York citizens... She´s showing her "attack-face", probably because of the ass at the door at CBGB´s.
You know, she´s toured with Johnny Thunders, and now is an actress in the tv-series, Sex & the City.
Look, it was time to part, and neither me or Ole wanted to let her go.

I don´t remember this bands name, but I´m really sorry I didn´t buy their cd. We just walked into
this great bar one night, Ottos Shrunken Head, and these guys put on a true rock´n roll show. Nice picture, ain´t it?!
And there she was, the greenest lady in the whole world!:


Emma B. and Antonia! In the middle of the night on these stairs, they were playing records.
Stooges, MC5 and other favourites. We were on our way home from one of our many nights at Manitobas bar,
out of control and without charm. They showed us where to go. Hope to see you when I´m coming back.


Memories from what ended up being our two favourite places to drink. On the left, closing-time at Manitobas,
with the boss himself, Handsome Dick. I can´t remember the girl´s name, but she used to go out with
one of the guys in Demolition 23. She was pretty... Almost everyday, we paid old Bull McCabe a visit.
This guy had to drink outside. We could sit there for hours, looking at the freak-show at St. Marks Place
in the East Village. It gotta be the coolest place on earth!


The last nights, we stayed at the legendary St. Marks Hotel. GG Allin made this entrance famous in
the "Hated" documentary, and the DOR tries his best at it too. And we really enjoyed the tv-entertainment.


One night to remember, saturday 13. september. Jayne County´s tribute to Dusty Springfield
at the Marquee - a gay bar. The lovely Sweetie was the evenings host. The last song was dedicated
to us, "ooooh, this one´s for Norwaayyy!" As she threw a piece of Ferrero Rocher chocolate
right in the forehead of the army-dressed gay beside me. She gently lay one piece in my hand,
and her manager said she was flirting with me. I still got it.

Yours truly, being the happiest guy on earth!
This is from the Raven Club where Jayne was dj´ing, saturday 13. september. She is one of the
sweetest human beings I´ve ever met. She´ll live forever. More pictures of Jayne, which I took,
at This pic is taken by Ole.


Took some pix from the Turbonegro show the night after our evening with Jayne.
Sadly, most of them was just to throw away, but I really like the one on the right.
Euroboy is very popular in NYC, almost like a young Keith Richards!

Ain´t got a clue who took the picture, but it is from the Turbonegro afterparty, at the Niagara club.
The girl with the red hair, is our beloved friend, Addie. The guy on my right side is her boyfriend
Chunch, and the sailor, is TRBNGR´s stylist! Great afterparty!

Same bunch, another drink!

Addie holding on tight to Pål Pot Pamparius, and on the left with Happy Tom and I think
that other guy is Lars from swedish band the Ark. I told him I didn´t like his band, because Tom introduced us.
But honestly, I don´t!

Rune Rebellion and the DOR, a lovely couple.
I guess Addie took the pic.

On our last night in NYC, we saw something bitchin´! I wonder what it was...