Wednesday 11. June 2008:

The Sex Pistols just kicked off their Combine Harvester Tour 2008
with a sold out show at The Joint, Las Vegas, last saturday.
See pictures and reviews here: God Save The Sex Pistols.
Tonight it's the Carling Academy in Birmingham, UK - sold out!
A brand new, official website is up and running: Sex Pistols
where you can now see the artwork for the upcoming dvd There'll Always Be An England
as well as a cool trailer. It says it's from the november 10th show, but I wonder if they
have cut in some parts from some of the other shows, as Johnny-Boy forgot most of the
lyrics to EMI on that night. Really cool to see that Road Runner is included,
as I don't think they played that one in any of the other shows.

Wednesday 4. June 2008:

I'm fucking depressed!!!!

The best band in the world, combining punk and glam and rock'n roll music,
is breaking up! Guess most of you already have heard it, as the news broke last friday night,
that the Trashcan Darlings are coming to an end. There are still a bunch of shows to play,
at least four-five shows are booked for Germany in July, and more shows will probably be added.
The last show will be at the John Dee club in Oslo, on saturday December 13.
See the bands press release here: View topic - Trashcan Darlings Goodbye On A Chemical High!

I want the Trashcan Darlings to stay alive on a chemical high!!!

Wednesday 21. May 2008:

Backstreet Girls albums now available on vinyl!

Norwegian label, Kick Me records, has released Hellway To High and Sick My Duck
on black and coloured vinyl. Sick My Duck has been out for some weeks now, and after some delays,
Hellway To High is also here.
You can order your copies here: Hit Me! Records and Big Dipper
Don't wait too long, these are limited editions!

Friday 9. May 2008:

Listening to Gary Glitter. He sure made some great tunes, you can never take that away!
Over to David Johansen, and the very nice reissues on American Beat Records. Not all is great,
but the ones who are make it up for sure! Who can ever forget the David Jo/Syl Sylvain composition,
She Knew She Was Falling In Love, on the In Style album ? While Mick Ronson's guitar gently weeps all over it.
Go here and get it:

I honestly believed that I'd have a couple of reviews ready for this weekend,
but that is not so. I wish that someone paid me for this, then I'd have to do 'em!
But these are records that I've bought, and surely deserves a review.
I'm just waiting for inspiration to hit.

In the meantime, cheers!!!

Friday 2. May 2008:

Cowboys - I love cowboys! And indians too!
Just seen Stagecoach, probably the best western ever made, my favourite movie ever!

Another bunch of cowboys, Hanoi Rocks, are finally set to release the long anticipating,
The Nottingham Tapes on dvd. Well, at least Cherry Red Records is.
Another fine release by Cherry Red, is the Japanese Singles Collection of The Runaways.
I think an order is in it's place!

Wednesday 30. April 2008:

There's just too much music around. Too much good music!
I don't have the time to listen to it all, and it's not just the records,
it's all those great booklets, books, dvd's and magazines that goes with it too.
So what do one do? Quit the day job, that would be the best. But I need the cash,
buying records can be expensive and I got bills to pay these next days.
Maybe I could stop buying new records and really listen to the ones I got?
I can't get through them all in my lifetime anyway. But that sounds boring,
'cause I know a few re-releases coming up, like the Easy Action Records release
of the 1994 Jacobites album, Howling Good Times, including a bonus disc. Of course,
so you gotta have it, doesn't matter if you already got it, right ?
I just discovered a new band called Peppermint Creeps. Tony Crash of the Gatecrashers told me
about them, and I check out almost every band he talks about! They look damn good, eh? Both bands!
Ian 'Mac' McLagan and his Bump Band have just released a new album, I'm listening to it now,
without actually having it yet. You can also listen to it, right here:
Maniac Records - crazy about Ian McLagan & the Bump Band!

I'll soon hit the bed, it's that time now. Think I'll take the brand new IORR magazine with me,
which came in the mail today. But not without dropping by Casino Steel's myspace site,
to hear that wonderful song of the week , Broken Rose.

Wednesday 23. April 2008:

Still a Heartbreaker, always an Endless Party On The Rocks,
Looking for a Showdown, where are the Mystery Girls?,
today I only got a One Track Mind - Do You Love Me, Johnny Boy?
'Cause I Love You!!!

 Today it's 17 years since Johnny Thunders passed away.

Johnny Thunders Cyber Lounge

Tuesday 22. April 2008:

Just coming down after one hell of a cool gig by the Backstreet Girls and Evil Angels last saturday night.
Evil Angels enters Skansen Studio in Trondheim this forthcoming weekend,
which I think will turn out very good. They got some smashing new songs!
It was another fantastic night with the Backstreet Girls, can't get enough, just can't get enough!!!
Set list here.

One of my favourite sleaze sites, Veglam , got a really cool interview with
Trashcan Darlings' Chris Doll and Strange? Gentle, up now.
Gotta love the pornshop talk:-)

Full Breach Kicks has just released The Joneses' two classic 12" ep's The Criminals and
Tits And Champagne on one cd
. You can also get them separately on vinyl. Now that's a good way
to spend your money, and if you ain't got it, be sure to add Keeping Up With The Joneses ,
and you got a record that says PARTY and you'll never be bored again!
Americans - watch out for The Joneses on tour again!
Have you ever had a blister on your lip ???

Saturday 19. April 2008:

We're soon on our way to see the Backstreet Girls tonight, Party Time again!
Had Tuff Tuff Tuff as soundtrack to this morning's breakfast,
skipped the milk and got out the vodka instead, haha!
Earlier this week , April 16 to be exact, it was 44 years ago the Rolling Stones
released their very first album. And what an album it is!!!
Chuck Berry's Carol, Rufus Thomas'  Walking The Dog, Jimmy Reed's Honest I Do,
and of course their own amazing composition Tell Me!
Now where is that original UK version? Time to look for it, eh?
Have a rock'n'rolling saturday night!

Thursday 17. April 2008:

The New York Dolls are currently on tour in South America, and about to release a new album,
recorded live during their two nights at the Fillmore NY/Irving Plaza last December.
Though Live At The Fillmore East holds only 10 tracks, it'll be great to hear it, cause the band seem to be on fire!
I have two shows from 2006, Ruisrock in Finland and Soundstage, Chicago,
both of them just blow me away. And last week , a good friend gave me a copy of the 
Siren Music Festival gig from July 21, last year. This is even better!
Of the 17 songs performed, 9 are from One Day It Will Please Us To Remember Even This,
and they all sound so fucking good! Of course the classics sound great too. Looking For A Kiss
is still one of the coolest openers a band can have, and it don't get any sleazier than
a Personality Crisis, after a Jet Boy's been through your Trash and taken all your Pills!
That is until the last number, Steve Conte let it all rip and David Jo paints everybodys nails:
"Tommy's got a brother named Thomas
And another brother named Tom"


Wednesday 16. April 2008:

Listening to Hanoi Rocks tonight, and looking forward to seeing them again this summer.
Right now, they're having a break from their Steppin' Out Acoustically tour of Finland,
which started in Helsinki on March 20 and ends in Tornio on April 30.
As Lacu is out of the band, and no new drummer has been announced, one of the crew,
Gary Bitter, is the sticks-man on these dates.
Here's the great setlist from opening night, and probably the rest of the tour:
Gypsy Boots
Magic Carpet Ride
Trouble Boys
Center of My Universe
Moonlite Dance
Oil & Gasoline
I Love You
Wild Horses
Lightnin' Bar Blues
Bad Moon Rising
Day Late
MC Baby
Lost In The City
Up Around The Bend

Taxi Driver
Travelling Band
(Thanks to ZorgMikael over at the Hani Rocks forum)

Three CCR numbers, one Stones, the Billy Bremner hit and a couple of raritites, I can enjoy this show!
I'll do with the Tracks From A Broken Dream compilation for tonight, and go to bed with I Love You.
Let's see if we can get some New York Dolls set list up here tomorrow night.
A new live cd with only 10 tracks, including only two tracks from the great, great One Day... album - what is that?
Let's hope they will come and perform more for us in the summer.

Sunday 13. April 2008:

Have you seen the light? I have! Go see Shine A Light!!!

Okay, maybe not The Light, I guess that was when I first saw the Jumping Jack Flash video!
But dammit, it was amazing to see this show in a theater, on the big screen, and we had the best seats in the house!
If you want to know more about what was really going on these two nights in 2006:
First night  x  Second night

Thursday 10. April 2008:

The first ever Trashcan Darlings shows in Sweden this weekend!

The Last Rock'n'Roll Band album is now out on vinyl.
You can get it from Big Dipper , for international orders, send an email to this adress:
Limited to 500 only!

The Sex Pistols are quite busy these days. A dvd of the Brixton shows last November, will be out in June.
Filmed by Julien Temple, includes bonus stuff, and the title is of course:
There'll Always Be An England.
Lots of shows are booked for the summer, including a one-off US show in Las Vegas and a clib show
in Birmingham, which is sold out. For all dates, see JohnLydon.Com - Sex Pistols Tour Dates 2008

The Rolling Stones/Martin Scorsese movie Shine A Light is out in theaters all over Norway tomorrow.
Got the soundtrack in the mail today so looks like it will be a weekend on planet Stones!
Enjoy the show, everyone!

Thursday 3. April 2008:

Back home again after a fantastic weekend in London with two shows by The Last Rock'n'Roll Band.
And what shows!!! See set list here.

Great shows in Oslo coming up this weekend, see links above.

Sorry for being so short now, but I got a cold drink waiting and the second Omen movie in the dvd player,
fright night haha:-)  And I'm prepared, listening to Imperiet and their classic Var e Vargen.