Wednesday 26. March 2008:

Right now, Einar Stenseng's on stage at the Bellman Bar in Berlin,
performing the songs of Nikki Sudden who sadly passed away two years ago, on this day.
Two new albums are on the way, one studio and one live album,
and keep an eye out on Nikki's website for more cool stuff to follow.
Also, the Howling Good Times album from 1994 will be re-released by Easy Action Records
in may, with The Spanish Album (Heart of Hearts) as a bonus disc.
Same label is releasing Dave Kusworth's new album, The Brink , very soon.

Okey, I gotta go and pack my bags, leaving for London Town tomorrow morning
to see The Last Rock'n'Roll Band!!!!

Friday 20. March 2008:

Shit, a whole month since the last update, that was never my intention!
Why oh why!!?? Well, I'm not sure, but I think I'm sure of that I'll get better.
I say that a lot don't I ? But I got so much on my mind, and too much will get nothing done,
I've realized that now. A new look on the site, that's for sure needed, and will hopefully
be up real soon. But until then, you are stuck with this one which might make you a little dizzy, haha!
A few records have been lying around here for too long now, sorry about that,
but now they're up in the review section -
the Willycranes, Howlin' Mama, The Ghost Of Desperate Dan and a first timer for rraf by Jørgen Hallvik
of the latest Teenage Bottlerocket album, only in norwegian though.

Have a lovely Easter weekend, everyone! 

Thursday 21. February 2008:

Forthcoming monday, March 3rd is the release of the brand new compilation album by
Trashcan Darlings! To celebrate this there's a big party at Elm Street Rock Cafe in Oslo
on this saturday, and RRAF will of course be there!
And to celebrate this even more, Billy's on a roll with his 3rd interview up now -
a chat with Chris Damien Doll!

Slömber section updated with an exclusive story by lead singer, Billy McBarbie!

Tickets for the April 19th gig with Evil Angels and Backstreet Girls are now on sale!
And be sure to check out the Evil Angels website to see some pics from their gig with
The Carburetors  some weeks ago.

The Carburetors are back in the studio preparing the new studio album.
They are also performing with the Backstreet Girls and Ronny Pøbel at Elm Street Rock Cafe tonight!

Speaking of Ronny Pøbel - an interview was aired on tuesday night (April 19th) at - Pyro
Listen to the replay and you'll also catch a track by Hell Dörmer , who by the way got a very good review
in the latest Classic Rock, as well as one on Sleazegrinder !


Thursday 14. february 2008:

A new section is up - Interviews!
Two pieces are up, one with Chuck Berry's piano man, Daniel Røssing,
and one with Backstreet Girls' guitar hero, Petter Baarli.
Both done by the one and only, Billy McBarbie!
At the moment, they're only available in norwegian, but I'll do my best to have
english translations up shortly.

Billy's also reviewed the latest Vibeke Saugestad album,
which came out last year, but you know - better late than never!

Today, is more than Valentine's Day, it's the St Valentine's Day Massacre
presenting none other than The Godfathers!!! ,


Monday 11. february 2008:

The New York Dolls are touring the US at the moment, and a new live album, Live At Fillmore East,
has been released, only available at the february and march shows. An official US release will come later,
no european release date so far, but that's what we got mailorder for, right?
10 tracks and only 2 from the latest album - is that really all we get??!!
The album was recorded during their two nights at the Fillmore East (Irwing Plaza) in New York City
at the end of december, and 19 songs were performed each night, so why not more included on the album?
But I'll take it anyway:-)

Hanoi Rocks' drummer Lacu, will no longer be with the band after their upcoming tour is over.
I wonder what the chances are of getting the original drummer, Gyp Casino back?
Would be great, eh??!!
Andy McCoy's book, Sheriff McCoy, will finally get an english release!
It's been out in finish for some years, and fans have enjoyed looking at the pics,
but can now also enjoy to read it.

Monday 4. february 2008:

Alice Cooper - 60 years today!!!!
Welcome To My Nightmare sounds great on a cold winter morning!

Slömber lead singer, Billy McBarbie, has posted his tour diary from their trip through
Norway, Germany and Denmark last october, in the RRAF forum: :: View topic - Slömber
Get out a few beers and enjoy the read!

Wednesday 23. january 2008:

Wow, finally, these two records I've had lying around for well over a month now,
finally I've got a few selected words down. But I tell you, when all hell is loose and all motivation
just disappears, it's not easy to keep it up. Anyway, they're up now
and you better check them out, and then listen to the songs you find links to.
Really really great rock'n'roll music for sure, so off to the reviews!

Maggie Reilly huh!? Moonlight Shadow, anyone?
One of my favourite pop songs of all time, and now - unleashed with a vengeance! :

One of my favourite bands in the 80's and early 90's, whom I sadly lost track of
as the 90's went along, Mötley Crüe, have now settled in again.
I have avoided The Dirt, maybe I'll read it one day, but until now I've stayed clear of it.
But, I just had to read Nikki Sixx's Heroin Diaries, my favourite Crüe!
A little late with this book too, but I'm glad I finally read it. I didn't like the
first chapters, maybe I never will, too much talk about demons and shooting up. But as the pages turned,
I got more and more into it. So today, I've watched the 15th October 1987 Tacoma show,
and I'm official back on track (no joke intended)  and tomorrow a friend at work is lending me
all the records after Dr Feelgood. I'm really looking forward to it, though they're not that good,
it's always cool to listen to a band's stuff that didn't hit the charts.
I know there's some really good songs in there.

Tonight I'm listening to jazz!!
Call it what you want but it's fucking cool! :
Frank Znort Quartet

I'll soon go to bed and start reading the new issue of Classic Rock incl some AC/DC tour stories.
That'll be a good night!

Thursday 17. january 2008:

I'm working on a couple of reviews, sorry for the delay on that but things been kinda hectic around here lately.
To you who have sent me records, I'll let you know through email or myspace when it's up here.
And I tell you - I've got some very good rock'n'roll music here!

On saturday night there's one hell of a rock'n'roll party in Oslo:
Rampant Dogs + Gatecrashers at Club Maiden

If it wasn't for my Grandmother's birthday party I would've been there.

Record realease dates and live show dates are coming in so check back soon for many more to be announced.

The Rolling Stones will be at the Berlin International Film Festival on february 7th
to promote this one: Shine A Light
Still no gigs announced for 2008 but one can hope.

Saturday 12. january 2008:

This is the RRAF 5 year birthday party!!!!

Just to celebrate this day a little, everyone who sends me an email to:
with "5 fucking years" in the subject line, will get a dvdr copy of the Sex Pistols 12th november show
from Brixton Academy in London. It's an amazing show and the quality is pretty alright.

Talking about the Pistols, I got my hotel room in Borlänge, Sweden booked, so I'll be at the
Peace & Love Festival in june to see my favourite punks.
Another gig I'm pretty sure to catch, is The Last Rock'n'Roll Band at the Barfly in London on march 29th.
And my flights for the Trashcan Darlings Real Fucking Make-Up! release party at the Elm Street club in
Oslo on february 23rd are soon to be booked.

And, oh yeah! Trashcan Darlings - that's the band that made me start all this five years ago!
To be honest, it feels like a very long time ago. So many things, both good and not so good, has happened
through the years. But if I only think of things concerning this site, it's been 5 fantastic years of rock'n'roll music
and rock'n'roll people. I thank you all for the wonderful memories and look forward to another 5 fine years, at least!

Awright, let's get in the mood shal we? We need some rock'n'roll music, or as Ian Hunter puts it right now
on the RRAF turntable, "this is a little bit of New York City toilet music"  -

Friday 11. january 2008:

A belated Happy New Year to you rockers out there!

So what's going on? Not much here that's for sure. Too Fucked In My Head - the Fake Females hit,
could easily be the soundtrack of these last weeks. But some days of reading and listening and well being
gives hope of better times.
Not too much happening out there, as it seems, but a few good shows are booked and tickets on sale.
Will announce more on that tomorrow, and as it happens - tomorrow this website has been online for 5 fucking years!!!
Of course, no celebration at all but a few shots of vodka might be in it's place. Let's see what happens...