Christmas Eve 2007:

A very Merry Christmas to you all!


Friday 14. december 2007:

Tonight - Trashcan Darlings + The Last Rock'n'Roll Band, with support Hell Dörmer -
at Elm Street Rock Cafe in Oslo!!!!
Hope to see you all there!

Monday 10. december 2007:

Slips 10" vinyl out now on Hit Me! Records
Only 500 copies including a bonus track from a 1980 rehearsal.

" Don't Mess With My Tequila!"

Wednesday 5. december 2007:

Noone can complain about nothing to do in this pre-Christmas time. Look at all those cool gigs to come!
I'll be at the firsttime ever Ronny Pøbel gig here in Trondheim, at Ramp, a place very famous for
New Yorkers digging their burgers! And a few punkshows has been held there so if you're in town -
you know you gotta go tomorrow night!
The Bin Lads play support and it's said to be an early show-start, cause of a 1 am closing time.
If you're in Oslo - don't stay at home and miss the debut gig by the fabulous Stookers and the rest of the
Piss, Pain & Punk party at Skuret!
The Boys are booked for a gig in Switzerland, that's a head start of the new year!

I'm busy compiling a XMAS collection, and all suggestions are very welcome.
Here's a few already: :: View topic - Beste julesang

My YOBS albums are hotter than ever!!!
There sure won't be XMas without The Yobs, and Slade's rockin' the party too!
But oh my goodness - even The Ravers popped out! Have you heard their fantastic hit
(It's Gonna Be A) Punk Rock Christmas ??? I got a copy lying here somewhere, and can email out to
all who wants an mp3 of it, cause this is one hell of a XMas rocker! Though not as rude as UK Subs'  Hey Santa, haha!
And how 'bout this one: YouTube - The Greedies - A Merry Jingle

Last but not least, here's a horny bunch of swedes ready for XMas: X-masturbators

If that's too much jangling for you, here's something else I'm very into at the moment:
Bony Maronie - fantastic norwegian band from those were the sleazy days!
Fake Females - listen to their fantastic cover of Thunders' Little Bit Of Whore!
Man Raze Turn It Up real loud with Paul Cook and Phil Collen!

Wednesday 28. november 2007:

I'm gonna shut down the Shakedown Club here on the main site.
 The Shakedown section in the forum is a good place to see what's going on,
and there you can post the info yourself.
Out here, I'll go back to the way I used to do it, and post gig info right on top here. 

The first bands are booked for next years Peace & Love festival in Borlänge, Sweden,
and on top of the bill: The Sex Pistols!!!
It'll be quite thrilling to see where else the Pistols are playing.
The 4 classic Pistols 7" singles are out now, as well as the reissue
of Never Mind The Bollocks lp w/the one-sided Submission 7" and a poster.
You can find all singles + album here: Big Dipper.
I got the whole package in the mail last saturday, which led to an all-nighter
around the turn table playing the 80's bootleg lp's!
I ordered the lot from Key Mail Order and the service was fantastic!!!!

Forthcoming friday night, norwegian sleazerockers Bangkok Babes are finally back on stage,
and the scene is the Elm Street club in Oslo. I hope they play the 1991 single Last Day (of my life) !

If you're in the Nittedal area tomorrow night - it's an easy choice to go and see
the Hollywood Vampires, and shout as loud as you can for their new monster hit,
She Had Nothing On But The Radio!
This is also the debut gig with new guitar player Nic Nachtnebel.

Tuesday 27. november 2007:

Another two reviews up tonight:
x  The Last Rock'n'Roll Band self titled album
x  Ronny Pøbel debut album, Føkk Døkk

Both albums are out in the shops/webshops now.

Come back tomorrow night and I'll get some hot live dates up here!


Sunday 18. november 2007:

Two new reviews up now!

Last night was the last show on the Sex Pistols tour of UK.
But if we believe the words of mr Cook, more dates will follow.
I choose to believe!
Listening to a bootleg recording of the show at the Brixton Academy on november 10th,
this show should be taken on the road through every corner of the world!
God Save The Sex Pistols!!!!

Looks like the radio will be back up soon and I'm ready, so hopefully we'll be taking back
the airwaves pretty quick.

Let's all join hands and keep on rockin'!

Friday 9. november 2007:

Sorry it got a little quiet here. Sometimes I just hate these computers!
Nothing technically wrong with it right now, but it can be very good to keep a distance
every once in a while.
I've been working on some reviews for the Backstage music paper
Musikkavisen Backstage
Not sure when it will be out in the kiosks, but deadline was last sunday
so not too long I guess. You'll hear about it here.
I'm also working on some reviews for this site, but hey - writing ain't always that easy I tell you!

"Yeeah there's gonna be a showdown!"
Tonight at the Elm Street club in Oslo there sure will be!
It's the Ronny Pøbel release party!!!!
and here's the message board: :: View Forum - Føkk Døkk!

Tuesday 23. october 2007:

Having a good night? Too much punkrock?
Well, not enough I'm sure!
Just put up two new reviews: the very new Hell Dörmer album,
and a short one of the promo single, warning us all about the Ronny Pøbel longplayer that's coming!

Ronnie Wood has just released, and signed, his autobiography.
And I'm going head first right into it, so Be Beautiful!

Thursday 18. october 2007:

Sorry for the infrequently updates, but I´m having a three week summer holiday,
so I'm just enjoying my Ac/Dc and Slade record collections!
And sorry for a couple of overdue reviews, but they're finally up now,
one good, one not so good, but still something for everyone;-)

Also, very sorry for the late shipping of the New York Underground dvd's,
but they went in the mail today so you'll hopefully get them real soon.
If you don't receive them in the next week, please let me know. 

Last weekend, we  enjoyed two shows by Casino Steel and Honest John Plain, here in Trondheim.
Two amazing rock´n roll shows which will be raved about for a long time,
and this was only Cas and John. The next time, it will hopefully be the complete,
The Last Rock'n' Roll Band!
 The record is a little delayed, but should be out by the end of this week ,
just keep an eye on the ACTION Records website!
Two fantastic promo videos were recorded during the recordings in France,
and both of them are up now at the site, and don't you wait another second!

Que Sera Sera.....

Monday 8. october 2007:

Thanks for all the entries to the first ever RRAF competition!
The three winners of the incredibly cool New York Underground dvd, are:

x  Manu Schon, Germany
x  Odd Reidar Liasjø, Trondheim, Norway
x  Hallvard Meen, Lampeland, Norway

More competitions will follow!

Thursday 4. october 2007:

It´s late at night, sitting here listening to Little Steven´s greatest hits,
trying to finish up a couple of reviews, which are long overdue.
I should rather get some fresh air, the autumn night is cool and refreshing, just what I need huh-huh.
But here we go, two new reviews are up, which of course you dirty ho´s will dig!
The review section is here:

The rraf forum has just turned 10.000 posts and we´re 200 registered rockers!
So how about a small competition??
No questions asked, no answers needed!
Three lucky winners will get a dvd-r of the very interesting, and very fun,
New York Underground movie. Filmed by a japanese television team in 1979,
right in front of the stage at CBGB´s and Max´s Kansas City, including  The Heartbreakers,
The Dictators, The Ramones, Dead Kennedys, The Dead Boys, and my own personal fave -
Neon Leon and Pure Hell , as well as a bunch of other crazy punks!
All you need to do, is send me an email at this adress:

Enter " RRAF competition"  in the subject line,
and I´ll throw all the entries´ names into my hat, and the lottery is on!
Lottery ends on forthcoming sunday night, 11 cet time, so on monday october 8th - I´ll have the winners announced.
No matter where you live, three very cool rockers out there will get this incredible dvd!

 Heavy rockers, Slömber, are about to embark on their first tour of Europe, starting at the Elm Street Club, Oslo,
on saturday! See all dates and info on their myspace site: