Tuesday 25. september 2007:

It´s a new day for a new stone in Bedrock - I´ve written a new review!
It´s a few thoughts on the brand new Backstreet Girls album, Shake Your Stimulator.
See the review section!

I´m halfway down a bottle of red wine, but this is really what I just got in my email box
from JohnLydon.com:

" Tune into JohnLydon.com tomorrow, Wednesday, 26th, at 0800 (UK, BST)
for some VERY important information.
If you have friends who are not already signed up to the JL.Com Mailing List we strongly recommend
you get them to sign up now.

JL.Com: Army of One
http://www.johnlydon.com "

So what do you say??!! I´m at work at that hour, but please gimme a call if it´s something worth calling for!

Have a lonely night, I´m sure the one you need!

Monday 24. september 2007:

Run to the shops, guys and dolls, and get the brand new Backstreet Girls record,
Shake Your Stimulator!
See www.backstreetgirls.net for more info on where to get it online.
I´ll try and have a finished review of it up by tomorrow night, I ain´t quite done yet.

The Sex Pistols sold out three nights at the Brixton Academy in London!
All sold out and so far, I´ve only managed to find one guy who sell tickets on ebay.
Too expensive though. If anybody got a clue on other places to look for tickets,
please get in touch.
I´ve pre-ordered the four classic 7" singles and the Never Mind The Bollocks album (including the Submission 7" and poster)
through this site: www.keymailorder.com

The Ronnie Wood autobiography is out soon, and you can pre-order it today from Amazon:
Amazon.co.uk: Ronnie: The Autobiography

Should be a very enjoyable read!
The 1974 Kilburn show, in support of the fantastic I´ve Got My Own Album To Do release,
feat Keith Richards, Ian McLagan and Rod Stewart, will finally get an official release in october!
Search your local online store to pre-order it, and be sure to get the one with the dvd!

New York rock´n roll group, the Baby Shakes, is on tour in Europe right now.
See their myspace site for dates and details:

Four dates in Norway coming up this week, including a gig at *B*L*Æ*S*T* here in Trondheim.

I would love to say that if you tune in to the Radio Norway site on thursday night, you´ll hear a few tracks.
But the site is still down, and I have no idea when it´ll be back up again. But I know it will be, so stay tuned!
New adress they got too: http://rnor.org

Okey, that´s it for tonight!
Have a good one, turn up the volume (or the violins) and if you don´t already got it, get it!: Electric Angels
electric angels, CDs, Records items on eBay.com


Thursday 20. september 2007:

No radio tonight!
The Radio Norway site is temporarily down, and don´t know for sure when it´s gonna be back up again.
But put on your finest jewelry and let it rip to your own Street Poetry,
and you got a pretty good idea how it would sound between ten and midnight tonight!

Tuesday 18. september 2007:

If you want hot news, we got the hottest for ya!

No fucking bullshit either, the man himself got it down, just take a look:
John Lydon.Com

Thursday 13. september 2007:

The playlist for tonight´s show at Radio Norway is almost ready,
so you better watch out for some rockin´ and rolling all about!

Very, very cool live pics of the Backstreet Girls, from last saturday´s show,
up now in the BsG section! Check under Bands!

Finally, the vinyl version of Trashcan Darlings´ Getting Away With Murder is here!
Well, not here, but ready for sale from Germany and the East Side Records label.
Check here for more info: www.eastsiderecords.de

It´s a very limited edition so you better hold on to your hat and get in the swing!
I can get it for you, if you let me know you want a copy.

It´s early morning tea time, so see ya!/

Friday 7. september 2007:

Last night´s radio show was a blast!
My own effort was so and so, but still a lot of fun!
Anyway, the most important is the music, and I hope you enjoyed it.
The playlist is posted here: Radio Norway playlist thursday 6. september 2007

Tomorrow´s night Backstreet Girls show here in Trondheim,
will be streamed online here: Student-TV i Trondheim - Forside - Samfundet

Thursday 6. september 2007:

Backstreet Girls live in Trondheim, this saturday night!
I´ll celebrate this, and the release of the brand new album, Shake Your Stimulator,
by playing a few tracks from it, tonight at Radio Norway.
The album hits the stores on september 24th, but it´s available at all gigs.
So if you can´t see the band on these forthcoming dates - get ready for tonight´s show
and please keep a vodka bottle nearby.

Visit the new site dedicated to Shake Your Stimulator to see a videoclip from
the release party:

And a whole lot of pictures are added here:

Wednesday 29. august 2007:

Sad news: Hilly Kristal, the founder of the famous CBGB club in New York City,
has passed away at the age of 75.
He died yesterday of complications from lung cancer.

"A private memorial service is planned, with a public one to be held 
at a later date. Contributions in his name may be made to the 
American Cancer Society or to the Hilly Kristal Foundation For 
Musicians And Artists at 168 Second Avenue, PMB 207, New York, NY 10003."
Info by Rachael Darmanin, sent to me by trakmarx.com


Tuesday 28. august 2007:

And then the show was over!
The Boys have gone back to England after an amazing performance last saturday night
here in Trondheim, and the Rolling Stones have packed up their gear after three nights in London town.
But we´ll see both bands somewhere, again soon, you can bet on that!
The Boys will sure play again, so keep an eye on the Boys website and myspace site.
For saturday night´s setlist - see The Boys page in the bands section.

The Stones have announced that they´ll continue touring in 2008, so don´t come here hoping the Glimmer Twins
will retire anytime soon!

I´ll continue rocking up the airwaves on forthcoming thursday night at:

Lots of new records are lined up for your entertainment, so do your best to catch the show!

Punk it up boy!

Tuesday 21. august 2007:

Just put up a page for the fantastic Cables, in the Bands section!

Monday 20. august 2007:

The Boys return to Trondheim!!!!
They headline the Pstereo Festival on saturday, with NOFX and Valentourettes.
Be sure to get your tickets (billetter) now!: Pstereo.net

Looks like Casino Steel will be busy these next months.
Some dates have just been announced on his myspace site:
Added the dates to the Casino page here as well, see the Bands section.

The forthcoming Hanoi Rocks album, entitled Street Poetry (sounds like a Dave Kusworth title...),
will be out in the shops in early september, but you can pre-order it now.
See the Hanoi Rocks website for more info: hanoirocks.info
And have you heard the new single, This One´s For Rock´n Roll (sounds like a Quireboys title...)  ?
It´s only available as a download, but those damn finish sites is really hard to get through to.
I´ve given up, I´ll wait till somebody mail it to me!
In the meantime - enjoy this clip of Fashion, from last saturday:
YouTube - Hanoi Rocks - Fashion Live at Sommarkrysset 2007

Anybody up for some crying in the glass?
Get out your Trail Of Tears cdep by the Dogs D´Amour!
Swingin´ The Bottle, anyone?
Cheers and have a good one:-)

Sunday 19. august 2007:

My oh my! Almost two months since the last update!
Well, I´ve had a nice summer. Not too hot, not too much in front of this
damn computer, and I´ve seen The Stones two wonderful times, and one hell of a show
with Chuck Berry and Status Quo in Stockholm!
But now it´s time to pick things up again. Gonna try and get this site
back on it´s feet, and if all goes as planned - I´ll be back on the airwaves on thursday,
just in time for the upcoming Boys show here in Trondheim, on saturday 25th!
I´ll come back with more info on the radio show.

It´s a lazy sunday afternoon, I got the Dead Boys on, and I´ve just put up
Billy´s review of the new Terror Twins demo cd. It´s online in the review section!
And I also gonna add a thread in the forum where you can spill your guts over this
fantastic punk rock band! See rraf.net :: View Forum - The Shakedown Club