Saturday 10. march 2007:

Just added 10 really great pictures in the Hanoi Rocks page!
Taken by Tom Kristensen during Hanoi´s last gig in Norway,
and a really nice way of tempting you to put on your Hanoi Rocks records tonight!
Don´t You Ever Leave Me Baby!!!! 

Sunday 4. march 2007:

To add some flavour to a lonely sunday night - put some vodka in your coke!
Now that I´ve got my glass filled up - here´s a taste of rock´n roll for ya!:

Online Rock Radio Station - Live365 Internet Radio - RaDiO SpANgLEs

It´s the Radio Spangles, rolling all day and all of the night, loaded with the coolest
rock´n roll music you can think of! Tonight - I´ve heard among many:
Sex Pistols - Seventeen, Motörhead - Killed By Death and Lou Reed - Vicious...
You can hear them play but you can´t hear them talk!
If you want a "real"  (haha) radio show, then check out

I´m on every tuesday night - from 10 to midnight, cet time!
Here´s last week´s playlist: :: View topic - Playlist Radio Norway torsdag 1. mars

Two new reviews from our favourite frontman, Billy McBarbie,
up now in the review section!

In the Star Spangles page - added two cool live pics of the old line up and
the brand new press release that was sent out today!
The new record is on it´s way baby!!!!

Another vodka & coke please and enjoy your sunday night, candy!

Monday 19. february 2007:

Almost a whole month since last update here! That´s too long, but
the situation in my family isn´t exactly getting any better, and as I´m not too much
here at home - it´s kinda hard to keep this site running the way it´s supposed to.
I hope you all understand, and I also hope you all keep a close watch on the forum,
as the activity there makes up for the lack of it here!:-)

Tonight, as The Faces blasts out of my speakers - I got a few updates here for ya!

x  I´ve taken RRAF on the www airwaves!
Last tuesday was the premiere show, and I´ll try to do it every tuesday.
2nd show airs on forthcoming tuesday and showstart is 22 cet, and lasts till midnight.
Go to this adress to hear it live:
Last tuesdays playlist is here: Playlist Radio Norway tirsdag 13.02.07

x  Trashcan Darlings performed on Lillehammer student television last saturday night,
and you can watch it on this website, throughout this week:

See info and comments in the forum: live på kl 20:00 i kveld (Lørdag 17. feb)

Tuesday 23. january 2007:

´Ello ´ello ´ello!
Added a hell of a lot of dates to the Shakedown section, including
Yum Yums tour dates and something called the
American Glam Slam Tour Part 1 and 2.
Check it out now!:-)

People in Oslo and around - don´t miss the LA Guns and great support act,
The Hollywood Vampires at Smuget on wednesday!
More info in the Shakedown section.

Monday 15. january 2007:

For me, it´s been a quiet start on the new year.
But new gigs are being announced everywhere, and I´ll try to update the
Shakedown section as often as I can, so check back in there whenever.
Both here on the main site and in the forum!

The forum has gone under some changes, not too much and nothing´s gone.
And I´ve added a Cables messageboard!
If you haven´t heard them already, you sure will hear a lot about them in 2007!
An official Cables website is under construction, ,
and for some listening pleasure and tour dates and more - go here:

2007´s first review is up, and it´s Billy´s thoughts on finnish Willycranes!

Crank up the reggae music and don´t try to expand your drinking habits too much!
It may not be worth it...

Thursday 4. january 2007:

A happy new year to one and all!

Added a lot of upcoming gigs and festivals to the Shakedown section!
If you want me to put up your shows or festivals on the list,
just send me an email about it.

A new number of the great swedish fanzine, Denimzine, is out in Narvesen kiosks
all over Norway now! Including cool interviews with The New York Dolls, Sonny Vincent,
Baby Shakes, Diamond Dogs and more...
I´ve just sent in my subscription for the next 5 numbers, and you can do that
by going to and click on "Prenumerera" .

Let´s hope for a year stuffed with sleaze and rock´n roll!