Saturday 23. december 2006:

Tradition is tradition, and I ain´t intending on breaking any!
Looking for the right Xmas spirit?!
You know where to go!:-) ..............

And get your Yobs records here:

Two new reviews are up!
Billy´s been busy with Johnny And The Remains and Ila Auto, so check ´em out!

Check the Casino Steel and Ratcats pages, in the Bands section, for a bunch of
great rocking pics, taken earlier this month, as well as some news
regarding the recording of a new Casino Steel/Honest John Plain album!

There´s been some discussions over at IORR Talk :: Tell Me whether if Keith looks cool or not,
for the new Pirates Of The Caribbean movie.
See for yourself: The first photo of Jack Sparrow and his dad!

(Thanks to Mr Casino Steel for the link!)

I wish you all a very Merry Christmas!

Wednesday 20. december 2006:

Silver celebrate their 10 Year Anniversary, at Last Train, Oslo, tomorrow night!
Looks like it´s gonna be a hell of a night, so don´t miss it!!!!
Visit the Silver site for more info:

A new review is up!
This time, Glam Girl has had a good time with swedish rockers, Miss 45,
I just checked them out on myspace, and this band is hot!

I´m hungry, I´m tired, so it´s time to pack it in. But just for tonight!
See you soon again, and don´t forget to play that
Robert Johnson blues! How about some Kind Hearted Woman Blues?!

Monday 11. december 2006:

Do you like The Boys??
"We´re Only Here For The Boys!"  right?
Aaah, I can see all the hands raised in the air, that´s nice.
I bet you got your Yobs Christmas Album on rotation too!
And remember - The Boys would like to hear from you!: - guestbook

A new issue of trakMARX is up now!
Includes great stories on the Buzzcocks and The New York Dolls, by Kris Needs,
Richard Hell on CBGB´s, a cool, live report from the CBGB´s last stand, with Patti Smith,
and more stuff to keep you out of boredom! - Writing About Music Is Like Dancing To Architecture

We´ve changed the adress to the forum, in another attempt to avoid spam.
So if you´ve bookmarked the forum, a notice will come up - telling you to go here.
If you click on Forum, on the top, you will get directly to the forum.

Have a nice monday!

Monday 4. december 2006:

Two new reviews are up: Smalltwon Ramblers and finally, we got a review of the
hard hitting Chrome Division up here! Never to late, is it??
Thanks to Billy McBarbie for these!

On wednesday, Trashcan Darlings will perform at a benefit show, at John Dee in Oslo.
It´s called Project 101, and you´ll find all the info you need here:
The line up:

A double cd (with an empty cd-r!) should be out in the stores this month.
Trashcan Darlings were supposed to be on it, but it looks like it just wasn´t enough space,
that´s why they´ve added the empty cd-r, so you can add your own favourites. Clever solution!
Bands include the Backstreet Girls, Valentourettes, Turbonegro, Amulet, We and many many more!
And the price is only 101 nok!

This weeks recommendation, though it´s been in the shops for a awhile:
Einar Stenseng debut album on Big Dipper Records,
featuring Nikki Sudden and Darrell Bath!
Get it now!

Thursday 23. november 2006:

Tomorrow is the release party for Morten Andersen´s photo book , White Nights.
For more info, see

Great interviews and articles, a Jayne County exclusive track to download -  That will keep you busy for a while!
Look out for a new exciting issue, real soon!

Thursday 16. november 2006:

Back from Vegas!
Read some stories here: :: View topic - What the f.u.c. is a blog??!!

You can read all you want about Las Vegas, but you gotta go there to really feel Vegas.
It´s like nothing else!

Trashcan Darlings are also back , from their tour of Germany,
and the grand finale of their Getting Away With Murder Tour is tomorrow night,
at the Amplifier Club in Oslo. More info:

Same place, on the 19th - Tattooed Millionaires (US) + Hollywood Vampires
No more info yet, but keep checking back:

Hollywood Vampires´ been in the studio, recorded three new tracks, and re-recorded
Switchblade Romance and Lemmy, for a forthcoming ep release.
And there´s a very nice article in the goth magazine Rimfrost, which you can pick up at Narvesen!
Check out Rimfrost here: Rimfrost Magazine

Hollywood Vampires:

On monday 20th, the new place in Trondheim town, Storås -,
will have the great Texas Terri Bomb tearing it up!
Actually, as far as I can see, this is the only norwegian date!
Visit Terri here:

New Backstreet Girls 7" single out now!
It´s the two tracks, Hey Ho Let´s Quo b/w Hey Baby, that´s only been out
as a very limited radio promo-cd, earlier this year, so here´s your chance to
get it in two different vinyl versions!

"The sunshine bores the daylight outta me!"

Monday 6. november 2006:

Just put up a new review, which I´ve finally deicided to have a go at again.
I think it turned out pretty alright, and it´s also an honour do do it,
when the music is as good as this!
Check it out in the review section: Peter Blast - Pure Organic Junk

It´s turned to monday november 6th, and in just a few hours,
I´m on my way to Las Vegas, together with my long time friend, Angel Eyes.
We got some gigs to catch:
- Joan Jett and the Blackhearts w/Eagles Of Death Metal and Riverboat Gamblers,
at the House Of Blues, nov 10th.
- The Rolling Stones w/Bonnie Raitt, at MGM Grand, nov 11th.
- The Damned, at the House Of Blues, nov 12th.

If you´re in Vegas - look us up at the Orleans hotel and casino,
we got a lot of boogie records and coronas!

Friday 27. october 2006:

Just put up a bunch of pictures from the Trashcan Darlings show,
here in Trondheim, october 6th, check ´em out in the Trashcan page,
in the Bands section! A big thank you to Siv, for these!

Tonight, the Yum Yums performs at Dean Bar, in Fredrikstad, Norway.
Free entrance!
On saturday night, The Ratcats and Casino Steel will try their best to
tear down the walls at Kragerø Blues Club, Norway!

Tuesday 24. october 2006:

Another one of the great, great rock´n roll stars, has gone to rock´n roll heaven.
Sandy West of, not just one of the greatest girl bands, but one of the coolest bands ever,
The Runaways, lost her battle against lung cancer.
From what I´ve read, it sure seems like she put up one hell of a fight,
and I bet she´s still pounding out those rock´n roll beats harder than ever before!

The Getting Away With Murder Tour, rolls on,
and here you can see two video clips from Torgau, a couple of nights ago:
YouTube - Trashcan Darlings Live From Torgau

A big thank you! to Drunk'n' for these.

Keep following the tour on the East Side Records site, and the RRAF forum!

Friday 20. october 2006:

Trashcan Darlings `Getting Away With Murder´ Tour
of Germany started last night!
For tour dates and almost daily updates (in German)
check out the great East Side Records website!

The Trashcan Darlings my-fan-space site is up now,
join in now!: (Trashfan International)

This is old news to many of you, but I´m putting it up here anyway!
Jayne County had some troubles with Gene Simmons, of Kiss!
Check out the whole story in the Jayne County page in the bands section!

Honest John Plain and Casino Steel, of The Boys,
are set to record a brand new album together, in january 2007,
in Annecy, France. Using Jean Cataldo´s Action Records Studio,
so you know it can´t go wrong!
More news will come, as they happen!

As I had to scrape the ice off of my windscreen the other day,
I just can´t help it but think that this time of year, is a real nice one!
I always get a tear in my eye, when I see the commercial for the NRK Tv-Sports,
and they´re playing `Her Kommer Vinteren´ (Here Comes Winter) by Jokke.
And as I´ve lately listened to the Jokke tribute, `Det Beste Til Meg Og Mine Venner´
(All The Best To All My Friends), Turbonegro´s version of that song, is pure gold!

Last, but not least -
Last wednesday, Chuck Berry was 80 years old, and still going strong!
That´s the way we all should do it, right??!!
Happy birthday Mr Boogie, and may you boogie on for another 80 years!