Thursday 28. september 2006:

Finally, we got a review of the new New York Dolls album,
One Day It Will Please Us To Remember Even This!
But, it´s in norwegian!
Tom Kristensen, one of the founding members of the Backstreet Girls,
has written it, and he´s got more stuff on the way!
Anyone got a good translation program to recommend?

Tuesday 26. september 2006:

Aah, nighttime is the right time!
Muddy Waters and Howlin´ Wolf on the stereo, a cool vodka&orange in my hand, aah....

And a new article on The Boys up now, on the Boys page in the Bands section!
It´s from yesterdays Adresseavisen, about the two legendary shows at
The Barfly, London, last friday and saturday!
Also added the set list for both nights.

Sunday 24. september 2006:

Just added a page for legendary norwegian sleaze-rockers, Bony Maronie!
You´ll find a link to their excellent, new website,
which is only in norwegian, but check out the "Musikk" link on the top there,
and you´ll find their album and a whole lot of live tracks and demos.
Just wonderful stuff!

Since I got nothing else but the link to their website, yet,
hope to get some exclusive photos soon,
here´s the Bony Maronie site:

Thursday 21. september 2006:

Ok, the Trashcan Darlings Getting Away With Murder release party review,
is up now! See the review section!

Updated flyer for the two upcoming London shows by The Boys, 
is up now in the Boys department! Girls are also allowed!

Now, I´m gonna continue to empty my red wine bottle, and watch those
great videos on youtube!
There´s a lot of great new links up in the youtube thread in the forum,
including Screeching Weasel, a couple of Angus Young clips, Valentourettes, Lolita no 18,
Joan Jett & The Blackhearts, and a guy that plays Tom Petty songs, without hands!
For more info: :: View topic - YouTube

Thursday 14. september 2006:

New reviews up now!

Sorry to the writers, that it´s taken some time here, but now they are all up,
and a big wet kiss to you for your efforts!
This bunch includes:
x  The Queers live
x  Trashcan Darlings new album
x  Nikki Corvette new album
x  Fraze Gang album

A Beinhard promo pic, a very hot one, up on their page!

Go and vote for your favourite track of the new Trashcan Darlings record,
in the forum: :: The Getting Away With Murder poll thread!

Hopefully, we´ll have some Trashcan Darlings live reviews up real soon,
from the release party and maybe some more, so please, stay tuned!:-)

Wednesday 23. august 2006:


It´s way too quiet here, I know!
All I can say is, that better times will come! I promise!

Maybe I´ve given the wrong impression, of do not send records to me -
to not send records to RRAF at all. Sadly, I don´t have the time to do reviews,
but you are more than welcome to send to my two fine contributors:
x Billy McBarbie & x GlamGirl

If you´ve once got a nice review by me, you´re chances of getting another one
from them is pretty high!

Just put up a new page in the Bands section, to Trondheim rockers, Beinhard!
Check it out, and expect a full-length album later this year!

Don´t forget the release of the brand new Trashcan Darlings record,
Getting Away With Murder, on monday 28th august!
Same day as the new Bob Dylan record, so that´s gonna be one hell of a monday!:-)

As tuesday has turned to wednesday, a Rolling Stones Tattoo You sessions bootleg,
Andrew Matheson´s Night Of The Bastard Moon, and a few cans of beers emptied -
I say goodnight for now.

Eh, just a sec! Maybe it´s a little cheeky to say this, but it´s the beers doing the talking, haha:-)
I´m not gonna invite anyone to a party, cause I´m not having one,
but on 25th august 1977 - this punkrocker saw the first rays of light.
To sum it all up - I´m 18 years on friday, and gonna keep on being so, ´till I don´t feel like it anymore!
Which may take a few hundred years....

Sunday 6. august 2006:

Put up a newspaper article on the Backstreet Girls in studio with Beinhard,
on the Backstreet page!

Here´s a message from the excellent english street punks in Airbomb:

We've just released a totally FREE live album on the internet complete
with downloadable cover artwork. All files can be accessed for FREE by anybody from here .
This is a complete live set of 17 songs recorded/produced by Stu Newman
(Cockney Rejects - Destroying Statues and Exploited - Rock n Roll Outlaws, films).
The show was at Dagenham and Redbridge Football Club on 31/03/2006.
Thanks for your support

If you got some info you think might fit here, just email it to me
and I´ll see what I can do about it. But it´s gotta be something sleazy;-)

Thursday 27. july 2006:

Aiai, the heat can really be too much!
Hard to do something, and it´s also a little quiet on the www.
But, it´s not long till the fall is over us, and time to get hot and sleazy
inside a dark, smokefilled bar, and a cool rock´n roll band on the stage!
Cheers to that!

Two new reviews are up - both of the latest Kevin K releases.

The Shakedown section is updated with some info about the forthcoming
Trashcan Darlings release party!

Last friday, there was a big show held in memory of Nikki Sudden,
at the Dirty Water club in London.
It featured Dave Kusworth, Darrell Bath, Captain Sensible, Mick Taylor
and many, many more!
For a couple of reports from the show, see this thread on Nikki´s forum: :: View topic - Did anybody see the gig on friday?

Thursday 13. july 2006:

Hey - I´ve missed ya!
Luckily, there are so many of you keeping up the activity in the forum,
so the site doesn´t feel down at all!
After some computer trouble here, I´m kinda back on track again.
So, there are now three new reviews up!
Well, new and new... A big apology to GlamGirl, cause this has taken so long time,
but now they are finally up, for you all to see what you missed!