Thursday 30. march, 2006:

Nikki Sudden
July 19 1956 - March 26 2006 - Rest In Peace

Sad news hit us all on the first day of this week.... too sad to really get around my head
at the moment. Itエs been some days now, but still, itエs too hard to believe.
Thatエs why nothing else than just a short notice in the Wine & Roses section in the
forum has been posted. And Iエve been spending a lot of time on the Nikki Sudden web-site
and forum, and the Dave Kusworth site, and also the IORR site.
Itエs been very good to read all the nice words and thoughts about Nikki. He is dearly missed.

I will soon start to write some of my thoughts on Nikkiエs passing.
They will be up later tonight, on the Nikki Sudden page here on RRAF.
For other peoples thoughts, go to , they have put up a nice
memorial section there.

And hopefully, Iエll get the time to put up GlamGirls review of the Trashcan Darlings
show last saturday. Iエll let you all know....

But before I say C U soon - letエs just raise a glass to the 30 years thatエs passed since
The Sex Pistols
played the 100 Club in London's Oxford Street and punk rock hit the headlines.
I think Nikki wouldエve done so too...

C U soon

Wednesday 22. march 2006:

Two new reviews are up:
- the new Carburetors record, Loud Enough To Raise The Dead
- Black Halos live at the Elm Street club, last sunday night

Some changes and updates to the Shakedown section, are made.
Especially take notice, of that the upcoming Trashcan Darlings gig at Rock Bottom in Oslo,
is moved to the Elm Street club, and showday is saturday instead of thursday.
So, Elm Street on the forthcoming saturday - the Trashcan Darlings!!!!
Now you got it!:-)

Wednesday 15. march 2006:

Whaddya know?? 4 new reviews are up now!!!!
That, you didnエt expect, did ya!?
And with these, we enter a new period for RRAF, and hope that you and your
friends wanna stay with us...
I resign for some time, from the reviewing part, and hands it over to my new
contributors, Billy McBarbie and GlamGirl! See the two latest updates under here for more info.
And no worries, baby, cause I think itエs gonna get better too. Just read that excellent
review by Billy, of the new Harbour Hookers ep!

Alright, Iエm leaving the country for this weekend. Flying down to Barcelona on friday morning,
and be back here in Trondheim again on tuesday night.
Everyone in the Oslo area, or if you are bored wherever you are - just go to Oslo!!, get inside
the Elm Street Rock Cafe on friday for the release of the looong awaited Backstreet Girls tribute album:
NEVER TOO LOUD!  See the BSG web-site for some reviews.
And just stay at Elm over night, and wait for the great, great Powerpack , to hit the stage on saturday night!
And then, on sunday night, you got one of Americas finest - The Black Halos!
Still on the same Rock Cafe stage, so you wonエt be home again エtill early monday morning...

Sunday 5. march 2006:

 The RRAF club is expanding!
Give a big hand to our new writer, GlamGirl!:

Hello fellow rock地池ollers! I知 GlamGirl, the newest member of the RRAF rock地池oll Squad. I値l be helping Ringo out, doing some rewievs. So please, send me your music, and I値l tell you what I think.
Cds, vinyl, mp3s, whatever.
I知 currently training to be a nurse, so noone leaves my house without getting an injection. If you want to volunteer for medical experiments, please email me!
I think Social Distortion is the best band in the world. Other favourites; Trashcan Darlings, Backstreet Girls, the Queers, Rose Tattoo, Hank Williams, Ramones, AC/DC, Rolling Stones, Hot Water Music, Mtley Cre, Silver, Turbonegro, Even In Blackouts, Guns地 Roses, Hanoi Rocks, Yum Yums and New York Dolls.
Other interests; everything else somehow related to rock'n'roll, glitter and glam.
I値l also be going to a lot of concerts in the near future, and write some reviews on those as well. So if your band is playing anywhere near Oslo, please tell me, and I値l be there!


Kristin Berge
0554 Oslo

So there you go! Now, use these two (info about Billy McBarbie right under) new writers as much
as you want - send them your records and invite them to concerts!

Iエll move this info to the Contact page later.

Wednesday 22. february 2006:

Please welcome RRAFエs new contributor - Billy McBarbie!!!!
All who wanna send in their records for reviewing, please send them to Billy.
If you really, really wanna send them to me - please send me an e-mail first.

Hereエs Billy for ya!:

Name: Billy McBarbie
Adress: Odd-Reidar Liasj
Kirkegata 64
7600 Levanger

 "Main occupation: Fronting the upcoming rock'n roll-band Slmber, and trying to become a teacher in elementary school to find a way to pass rock'n roll on to the kids.

 Some bands I enjoy listening to: Glucifer, Guns'n Roses, The Carburetors, The Dirty Callahans, Velvet Revolver, Izzy Stradlin, Sex Pistols, WASP, Turbonegro, Backyard Babies, Hellacopters, Dogs D'Amour, Rose Tattoo, Backstreet Girls, Johnny Cash, Silver, Mtley Cre, Trashcan Darlings, Mtorhead, The Clash, Rolling Stones, Chuck Berry, Green Day, Poison, AC/DC, and a bunch of others whom I seem to be forgetting under preasure...

 I base my life on a quote form David Lee Roth: "It doesn't matter what you're doing, as long as you look good doing it!". And it's also easy to forget that: Rock'n roll ain't about inventing the gun-powder; it's about making a fucking firework!!!
My LP-player isn't working that good at the time, so please send me your music on a CD!"

Iエm taking a break from a lot of things from now on, but Iエll let you know when
Iエm ready to get back into it again.
Still got some reviews to do, before I shut up, but they are not quite ready yet.
To whom it may concern - Iエm sorry.


Thursday 9. february 2006:

Iエm sorry for the lack of updates and reviews here lately (again!).
Iエve got some records here, just waiting to get some thoughts down on paper about them,
so you who have sent them to me - they will be up. Hopefully shortly...
Just gimme a sec, and Iエll get back to that subject.

But first, Iエm very happy to announce that The Rockエn Roll Nurse is back on the air.
Season premiere is on saturday, and you can listen to the show over the net.
Some of the shows, may also have me on there, and if you tune in on saturday,
youエre sure to hear me. But most important, is the Nurse herself.
This rockエn roll lady has a bright future on the airwaves - so you better tune in!
More info here: :: The Rockエn Roll Nurse!

Alright, it has come to this, that I have to take it a little easy for awhile.
I guess most of you already know this, but my family is going through a very rough time,
the hardest time of me and my familyエs life. And as Iエm spending very much time with them,
and a lot of the time, Iエm not feeling exactly shit-hot, and is not able to think straight,
I wanna take a break from it all.
It takes alot of time and thinking, to run a web-site and write reviews.
Maybe it donエt seem like it to you, cause it hasnエt exactly been too much action here all the time,
but itエs always hanging over you like a dark cloud, some times.
Most of the records you great people send to me, is very good.
But when you are feeling a little down, thereエs just some stuff that helps more than other.
And now I really wanna sit down, have a drink and listen to that good stuff.
And not think about how am I gonna write about this, and worry about if I have listened to it enough
before putting up a review for you all to see. Please, donエt misunderstand me here, but I think you
know what I mean...
Iエm listening to a fucking great rockエn roll record that I just got in the mail today. And this one, as well as
the others lying around here, I will get up here soon.
But - if anybody out there wanna do some reviews for RRAF, I would be very, very glad.
You just let me know, send me an e-mail with all your info about you, that you think people need to know.
A list of favourite bands is a good place to start.
And your home adress, so that if any bands want you to hear their records and review them,
they donエt have to send them to me first.
Iエll put up the names and info about you, right here on the front page.
See the review section for what kinds of records I get, and I gotta tell you - thereエs a lot of great
sleazy, rockエn roll out there, that I would never have heard if I didnエt have this site.
A record label manager, said this after I reviewed one of his releases:
"Great review, man. Nice n short but great!"
I think that says it all, really. Just the type of reviews I wanna read. Iエm not too fond of long, in-depth,
boring reviews with way too many words I donエt know the meaning of, anyway!
I hope some of you gets in touch and wanna do some rockエn roll writing.

Now, Iエm gonna make myself another drink, and put on George Thorogood and the Destroyers!
Talk about having a good time...
Youエll see me in the forum!

Friday 27. january 2006:

More reviews are up!
Great records by Tempus, The Nightmares and The Spittinエ Vicars,
as well as a bunch of pictures from last weekendエs gig with Magnum Maids and Slmber!
And to get the great sleazy feeling this night had,
listen to some numbers here:

And more dates added to the Shakedown section!

Tomorrow morning, in the very early morning, `Iエm on a plane to Amsterdamエ!
But thatエs just to change to another plane bound for Barcelona!
I got the whole next week off from work, so Iエm staying in lovely Barcelona till sunday 5th february.
So see you later amigos!

Friday 20. january 2006:

Just a short notice, a sad one, cause Wilson Pickett has sadly passed away. Only 64 years old.
Another great one to go...
All last night was spent with The Wicked Pickett record on,
enjoying classics such as Mustang Sally, Time Is on My Side, New Orleans and my special favourite,
You Left The Water Running. A song that has helped me many times!
May his soul rest in peace.

Alright, itエs friday, so kisses to all of ya!

Wednesday 18. january 2006:

Two new reviews are up - norwegians Duckwalk Chuck and Upskirts!

On friday 20th - norwegian radio, NRK P1, will air the New York Dolls concert
from last years Notodden Blues festival. Tune in at 22.05 !!!
It seems that the concert is split in two parts, and part two will air on friday 10th february, same time.

A whole bunch of dates added to the Shakedown section!
Looks like Osloエs Elm Street Rock Cafe is the place to be, this year like last year. And every year...

Monday 15. january 2006:

Well, what do you know?? Some new reviews are finally up!
Itエs a Poptown Records special, since all reviews are of that labels releases.

Some new shows added in the Shakedown section.

And what do you think of the last year?
What was the best shows you saw? What was the best records released?
Please, post your comments here: :: View topic - Oppsummering 2005

Tuesday 3. january 2006:

A new year lies ahead, just waiting with all the rockエn rolling you can take!

The Ratcats has now released their album. More info on the Ratcats page (see the Bands section)

A few dates added in Shakedowns. More will come there as soon as I got more
updates from clubs and venues, which should be very soon.
Letエs hope for a lot of sleazy entertainment.

A whole lotta more pictures from the Trashcan Darlings celebration is up now.
There are so many hot-shots there you just gotta see them now!
Thanx to Jan Dahle for taking them, and to Frankie N for sending them.

And to all you who are waiting for a review of your record here, I just gotta say Iエm sorry
it has taken some time. But it has been XMas and thereエs so many things going on, and my days
are just not long enough. But they are coming! Iエve been listening to both good and not so good
rockエn roll, from Sweden, Norway and America. If you wonder about anything - just get in touch!

Besos cielos!