New Years Eve 2005:

I wish you all a great party for tonight, not just because it´s New Years Eve,
but it´s saturday night of course! A special one, where we all wish eachother
all the best for the new year. And may this one be a better one...

Thank you all for the support over the years, and 2005 has been the best one so far, I think.
Hope you all will be here in the new year as well, and keep on rockin´ like there´s no tomorrow!

Christmas Eve 2005:

`Christmas is a special time of year
A season of glad tidings and good cheer
A time for present giving
And children carol singing
Been good all year and now it's finally here´
(The Yobs - Who Had All The Christmas Cake)

This year has been a really good one!
A lot of great rock´n roll shows and amazing journeys.
I´ve met a lot of you who are supporting this site and it´s been a real pleasure!

If you´ve never seen it yet - it´s my tradition to show it to you now:
The Yobs - Santa Claus

A wish you all a very Merry Christmas!

Wednesday 21. december 2005:

A whole lotta new pictures are up,
check the Silver, Hanoi Rocks and Trashcan Darlings pages!

Sunday 18. december 2005:

Happy Birthday Keef!!!!
Keith Richards is 62 years today, may we please have another one...?!

Thursday 15. december 2005:

A bunch of new gigs added to the Shakedown Club!

Updated with some links and information at the Contact page.

The word is that last nights Hanoi Rocks gig was amazing! 11th Street Kidzz being one
of the highlights, but around 8 songs from the two last albums, is that a little too much??!!
I think that is because of the new line up, and that´s why we don´t get too many selections
from the "wasted years" . But it seems that I like the new record a bit more than some,
so I wouldn´t complain about You Make The Earth Move, though it fits better on a
Michael Monroe solo record than a Hanoi Rocks record.
Expect pictures sometime later on...
All feedback on the gig is greatly appreciated. Let it all loose in the forum!

The Rolling Stones show in Bergen, Norway, 6th june next year - sold out in 30 minutes!!!!
16.000 tickets and I didn´t even get a Hello at the other end!
But I wouldn´t worry too much if you really wanna go.
A lot of the tickets are bought by scalpers, so just check on ebay in a while,
and also there´s a good chance to turn up outside the stage in good time before the show.

Wednesday 14. december 2005:

Still a bit hungover from the fantastic weekend I had in Oslo,
so I forgot all about the Casino Steel gig at Muddy Waters last night.
But hopefully, if you wanted to go, you already knew about it, ´cause it was
announced in the Shakedown section.
And tonight, I know a lot of you got your tickets ready for Hanoi Rocks!!!!
Wish I could be there, but this time I had to make other prioritaries.
I wish you all a great show, and tell Mike and Andy I said hi!

Another great band is also on stage in Oslo tonight - Jetsurfers, at Muddy Waters!

I gotta take another pill and hit the sack - a cold has really done it´s work here.
So long... 

Thursday 8. december 2005:

Just a quick note to say that tomorrow, 9 december - it is 21 years since
Nicholas "Razzle"  Dingley, died after a car crash.
I think everyone here knows how this happened and what an enormous loss this was to Hanoi Rocks...
so I won´t bother with that. Just hope that each and every one will raise a glass in his honour.

Over at the Jayne County page, in the Bands section, there´s some amazing pictures
from the Elm Street Rock Cafe show in october. 
Lots of hugs and kisses to Dan A. Nachtnebel for these beauties!

Wednesday 7. december 2005:

Only a few days to go before we´re celebrating the ultimate sleaze-rock band - Trashcan Darlings!!!
The first ten years have been amazing (I will call it that anyway you look at it),
and whatever the future holds - as long as the Darlings are around, we will survive!
More info on the Trashcan Darlings page, and of course - their excellent web site!

The Rock´n Roll Nurse, Norway´s coolest rock´n roll radio-show, won the award for
best show on the student radio 2005! As well as they took home the first price for humour show!
If you don´t know about this show already, you better check it out sooner rather than later!
But you have to wait for 2006 before any new shows will be aired. The Nurse has a X-Mas vacation now.
But I think they are playing re-runs now.
For all the info you need: Studentradion i Trondheim :: FM 107 og 104.2 - The Rock´n Roll Nurse

And here: The Rock'n'roll nurse 27.11.05 , :: View Forum - Shakedown

A great live review of the Alice Cooper show at Wembley Arena, one month ago,
is up now in the review section! A huge thanx to Øystein for this, and to Sharon Hoover and
Nick Woodburn for the amazing pictures! Enjoy people - we all should´ve been there!

If you´re in Trondheim this weekend, then you´re in for an extraordinaire saturday night!
First off, the Magnum Maids and then the Backstreet Girls! Ps: On two different scenes,
more info in the Shakedowns.  But as I´ve heard - you will make both shows.
See also the forum: :: View topic - Magnum Maids

New links added:
x  Helter Skelter Books
x  Drunk´n´Roll records
x  Jungle Records

Wednesday 30. november 2005:

Alright - then the Rolling Stones have announced most of their upcoming A Bigger Bang
European tour dates! See the Shakedown section for more info!

Tuesday 29. november 2005:

A new review is up - Trouble Bound Gospel!

I just got this link to a great Rolling Stones pictures/videos and more site:
James Crowley's Authorized Rolling Stones Gallery

Thanx to Jamie for the link!


Tuesday 22. november 2005:

Link Wray has sadly passed away, only 76 years of age.
Read more about it on his site: The only official Link Wray Website!

And I think this one is really nice: Topplers Records Home Page
Rumble away, Link, and rest in peace!

Added some nice pictures to the pages of Silver and Yum Yums.
Thanx to Mr Ramone for these!

Added new gigs to the Shakedown section, and also some news in the
Ratcats and Åsmunds pages.

Saturday 19. november, 2005:

Alright rock´n rollers!
Another saturday night of sex, sleaze and debauchery, if you want it - you got it!
Get up, get down and get with it - The Rock´n Roll Nurse airs tonight at 20.00 - 21.00,
that´s european time. If you´re in New York City, it´ll be noon, are you gambling in Vegas,
it´ll be nine o clock in the morning! Doesn´t matter, right?
You´re ready to tune in anyway, ´cause you want the airwaves just as much as the Ramones!
So here you go: Studentradion i Trondheim :: FM 107 og 104.2

Click on the Stream 128kbps/48kbps icon on the top there.
I think you might be in for some Heartbreakers/Dolls treats tonight...

Feedback of all kinds, are appreciated here: :: View topic - Rock´n Roll Nurse!

Thursday 17. november, 2005:

Lots of news about the New York Dolls, Johnny Thunders, The Boys and Hanoi Rocks!
Go to the "Bands" section, and look them all up!

Thursday 10. november, 2005:

A review of Leaving Home - A Norwegian Tribute To The Ramones, is up now!

I´ve added some favourite bands and artists to the Contact section,
so now you know where to check first, before sending me any records:-))))

Monday 7. november 2005:

Two new reviews up, and more will come in the next few days.
I´m sorry, that this has taken some time, but since I moved, a lot of
things have happened. Hopefully, I´ll be able to get some things done,
and a little quicker from now on. No promises made though, as always...

Now I´m off to bed to try to get some sleep.
While trying, I´ll enjoy Peter Tosh and his excellent Bush Doctor album.
Scratch and sniff the ganja!

Wednesday 2. november 2005:

Almost a month without any updates, but finally I´m sort of back on track.
Lots have been going on, and most of it has been announced in the forum, either by me
or somebody else. I wanna thank you who keep the forum alive, and hope that many more
will join  in soon. There´s 60 registered users there, which I think is great!
But I wanna see more people participate than just`the chosen few´. C´mon with your
suggestions how to make this a better site, tell us about gigs & records, and share some of
your inner feelings. If you don´t understand norwegian, ask to get a translation.
And bands that e-mail me - use the forum as well!

Rock´n roll stories, drugs, the Las Vegas Strip, unpolite Sex Pistols and parties with the Faces
and Keith Richards - you got it all in an indepth interview with Peter Blast,
courtesy of Sugar Buzz Magazine, go see the Peter Blast page under `Bands´!

The Shakedown Club is updated with new gigs, and there´s a treat coming up for
Trondheim rockers.
Also check the Casino Steel page, under `Bands´.

The fantastic Los Plantronics celebrate El Dia de Los Muertos - Day of the Dead,
at Rock Bottom in Oslo, forthcoming saturday. Here´s some info, only in norwegian (sorry!):

Etter en brak helg med Halloween feiring og konsert på Club Mau Mau i København fortsetter
Los Plantronics sitt høst raid i skjellett drakter!
Like sikkert som at klokka stilles en time tilbake natt til 30.okt., feirer Los Plantronics den meksikanske helligdagen ”de dødes dag” første helgen i november. Årets feiring er det fjerde i rekken.
 DAY OF THE DEAD er en festdag hvor meksikanere kler seg opp til fest i outrerte kostymer og pynter sine hjem med morbide skjeletter i pappmasjé og trefigurer. Det bakes vanvittige brød og kaker i form av hodeskaller og knokler og det pyntes med eksotiske blomster og fargerike minne altere. Alt for å hylle og minnes de døde!
"Day of the Dead" er ingen trist dag, langt ifra, det er en livlig fargerik festdag som hyller livet og
blir feiret på et vis som bare meksikanere kan.
Kl. 21.00 – Dj: Sombrero spinner meksikansk relatert rock og exotica.
Kl. 22.00 – Visning av meksikanske wrestling filmer. Wrestling er folkesport numero uno i Mexico. Se nasjonens store helter slåss mot monstere og levende døde!
Kl. 23.00 – Band: Los Plantronics m/mariachi trumpeter og skjelett kostymer.
Og sist men ikke minst, Los Plantronics spesial drink, ”Mexican Death Squad”, i baren. 

Velkommen Senoritas & Amigos!
Courtesy of Steinar Kallander/Red Planet Agency

This has been a very long day, though the night will be long too (I´m gonna have a beer or four and enjoy
a dvd of Muddy Waters and the Stones from 1981!) .

Good night & sweet dreams!

Monday 10. october 2005:

A report + pictures of the Jayne County show last thursday, up now
in the On Tour section.

The Ratcats will be supporting the Bamboo Kids at Rock Bottom, Oslo - thursday 13. october.
More info: HIT ME! RECORDS , Muddy Waters

Wednesday 5. october, 2005:

New shows added in the Shakedown section.

I´ve just finished an article on the two Stones shows I attended in New York.
It seems like it will be published in the Backstage music paper.

Tomorrow it´s Jayne County and the Electric Chairs, at Elm Street in Oslo.
I´ll be there, sober and shy, joined on the road by some Magnum Maids.
We´ll drive back right after the show, I have to go to work friday morning at 0700!
But it´ll be worth it- I´m gonna feel like a million dollars! Jayne has that effect on you...
For further european dates, see

If you haven´t seen the great Lowcut web-zine, go there now: LowCut :: October :: 2005
It´s the old gang from the late, great Moshable fanzine.
I´ve been wondering if I should do this site in a similar way, as Lowcut,
but I guess I never would´ve kept the deadlines.

Hope to see a lot of you at Elm Street tomorrow!