Thursday 29. september 2005:

A live review of last nights Magnum Maids gig, here in Trondheim, up now!

trakMARX 21 ­ The No Time To Be 21 Issue, out now, featuring this:

Kris Needs brings you an archive Sex Pistols interview from 1977, a superb
review of The Stooges at Hammersmith (including the Stooges rider for the
night ­ which is available for you to download for posterity) & the low-down
on the latest DVD from Jimi Hendrix.
Joe Donnolly tells the sordid tale of a Johnny Thunders movie that should
have remained in the can.
Brian Young bids farewell to CBGBs.
Jean Encoule continues trying to force his obsession with Richard Hell down
the throats of rest of us (& you lot too ­ don´t think you´ve gotten away with it).

Exciting news on the Dave Kusworth page - all Jacobites fans take notice!

Casino Steel live in Trondheim, more info on his page.

And check the Shakedown Club for a sleazy treat for the good people of Switzerland!

Monday 26. september, 2005:

Now, I´m left all alone with my memories of this year´s tour of New York City.
And what wonderful memories they are...
You can share some of  them in the On Tour section.
I will add more pictures and memorabilia later on.

New shows added in the Shakedown Club.
Check it out now, some are only a few days away!


Wednesday 7. september, 2005:

Four new reviews added; Casino Steel, The Åsmunds, Beinhard and Harbour Hookers!

In the Shakedowns section, you can now find info about the upcoming RRAF TOUR OF NEW YORK CITY!
As well as the Jayne County gig at Elm Street in Oslo!

Go to the NRK P3(Norwegian Radio Broadcasting) web-sites and listen to The Åsmunds and The Ratcats
played at the monday 5. september show of Harald Are Lund: - Harald Are Lund

The whole show lasts for two hours, not too much for my taste there, but the cool stuff comes early.
Also, The Mormones, Bob Seger and Brant Bjork are worth mentioning.
BTW - you have to register to listen, but it only takes 20 seconds!

Monday 29. august, 2005:

Updated the Shakedown section with some new shows and cool flyers!

Rumour has it, and it´s from a very reliable source too, that the Rock´n Roll Nurse radio-show
will have it´s official premiere on Trondheim Student Radio, saturday 3. september!
That´s forthcoming saturday, so tune in from 20.00 - 21.00 - that´s norway time.
No more info at the moment, this is all I got:

Hopefully I´ll have more soon, maybe you even can listen to it over the net...
As some of you might remember - the show had it´s test-run earlier this year, and the RRAF played a couple
of tunes by the Boys, Crybabys and Fluffy. I haven´t quite decided yet what to play on saturday,
but I promise you a very enjoyable, and rockin´ time. I´m on the air for ten or so minutes.
The Nurse herself will, I guess, spin quite a lot of records that you´re gonna love!
Last show included Dead Boys, Ramones, New York Dolls etc etc

But before that - let´s cry some in our beers at the Casino Steel release party in Oslo on thursday!
Swedish and english rockers from the Boys fan-club, The Backstage Passers, are on their way,
and even one Boys himself will make us happy with his presence.
I can´t fucking wait! Pre-show starts at the Elm Street bar around 15.00!

There´s some very nice pictures of Nikki Sudden and Darrell Bath together with Alan Merrill up on
Alan´s site: Alan Merrill Online
They have been working together on a Ronnie Wood tribute - which I think will rock our drinks off!
Also check out Alans main site and listen to some great Vodka Collins songs:

Monday 22. august, 2005:

RRAF is booked for the flight to Oslo on september 1 - the Casino Steel release party!
More info on the Casino Steel page.

Excited about the new Rolling Stones world-tour, that launched last night in Boston??
Get full satisfaction on the great IORR site: The Rolling Stones Fan Club - It's Only Rock'n Roll

And see a video clip here:  Those swedes really (don´t) know their introduction...
And to tease your ears and mind before the september 5 release of the new album, A Bigger Bang,
rock out with four songs, complete versions, in the jukebox at

Live and dangerous Mariachi Death Surf at Gamla, Oslo, forthcoming friday!
It´s Los Plantronics´  last gig with guitarist, El Kairo, so give him a well deserved salute!
The band will, of course, still continue to entertain us in true mariachi fashion.

This just flew in from the Dave Kusworth site:
Dave Kusworth and Darrell Bath will be doing an exclusive acoustic show at The Foundry, London
on Wednesday, 24th Aug with special guest Mr Paul Caton.

And this came by the tMx flight:
Courtney¹s Up The Duff (Again)

Hilarious news reached the tMx bunker this week: Courtney Love is expecting Alan Partridge¹s love child.
Ah Ha.
Allegedly, the couple recently spent two drug-fuelled weeks fucking the bits
off each other in an expensive US hotel ­ apparently Alan had a scam going
with a 12² plate (the hotel serves breakfast on a 10² plate ­ &, as everyone
who¹s anyone knows - Alan carries a 12² plate with him wherever he goes).

The celebrity couple left plenty of evidence of their sordid antics all over
the hotel. Following a 15-minute sex session in a lift ­ hotel staff found
the words ³Cock², ³Piss² & ³Partridge² writ large on the lift¹s mirror in
cheap, lurid lipstick. Room service were kept on their toes by the couple¹s
constant demands for Tofu, Bio-Yoghurt & KY Jelly.

Partridge¹s devoutly religious family are understandably devastated by the
news. Alan¹s father, a part-time vicar at his local C of E church,
immediately resigned. The family home was still shrouded in latex late last night.

A close personal friend of Alan¹s was quick to spring to his defense:

³Alan is having a few problems at the moment. He¹s not only addicted to sex,
but to Viagra & Cocaine too. He really ought to be a bit more choosey who he
puts it about with. We all know what happens to people who fuck with Courtney Love.²

Courtney¹s immediate reaction was just as puzzling:

³I can¹t believe I fucked Alan Partridge. What are the kids gonna make of
it? My cred will be ruined. No one¹s gonna buy a record by the Hole that Partridge filled.²

Courtney¹s daughter, Francis Assisi Baked Bean 57, took precious time out
from living safely with her gran to offer the following statement:

³I¹ve known my mom is fucking nuts for some time now. My dad¹s death made
that very clear. I¹m happy here with my gran & would prefer to be left
alone. Have you got any spare Heroin?²

In keeping with most modern celebrity couples ­ Courtney & Alan are expected
to name their offspring in the accustomed manner. So ­ & just for a bit of
fun ­ the 10 most amusing names submitted to before
the next issue will receive a goody bag of stuff from the Bunker floor. Mark
your entry ­ Celebrity Bastard - & don¹t forget to add your full name & postal address.

Harrison Bored ­ tMx ­ 08/06  

So, well, any ideas??


Monday 15. august, 2005:

Last thursday, I had the honour of having George DuBose on a visit.
The man who took the cover photos to Ramones´ Subterranean Jungle, Too Tough To Die and Mondo Bizarro,
as well as a bunch of other cool shots of the guys.
Have a look at his web-site:

New dates added to the Shakedown section, and you´ll find some interesting news in the Casino Steel section!

There´s a gig coming up this saturday, here in Trondheim, that might be very interesting - the New York Balls!
I´m not sure how it´s gonna be, but who´s there will see. More info: forum

Sometimes I hate it when bands put out short excerpts from forthcoming releases. They´re just teasing you know.
But, these I can take: Music: Rolling Stones - A Bigger Bang

Enjoy the sounds and have a drink while you´re at it!

Tuesday 9. august, 2005:

I had the best time ever at the Notodden Blues Festival last weekend!
The New York Dolls rocked my world! It might be the best rock´n roll show I´ve ever seen!
A ten hour drive from Trondheim on friday, saw the Hubert Sumlin & David Johansen show one hour
after we arrived Notodden. Trying to get some sleep in a tent, on the ground, then a loong saturday wait to
see the Dolls - boozing up real heavily while the glam-rockers are filling up the area.
Showtime! I couldn´t believe it would be this good. I´d hoped for it, but it was even better than I´d imagined.
` Take it or leave it ´cause you better believe it!´
Afterparty backstage - drinks were passed and records were signed!
But I didn´t stand a chance on sleeping with Sami Yaffa...
No wonder the end of the twelve hour drive back home on sunday, almost ended with a bang...

Some pictures from the evening radio-appearance are now up on the NY Dolls page - in the bands section.
Watch and enjoy!

New gigs added to the Shakedown section!

Wednesday 3. august, 2005:

Only a couple of days to go before the New York Dolls hit the stage at Notodden Bluesfestival!
RRAF has arranged the over stay for bass-player, Sami Yaffa, original with Hanoi Rocks in the ´80´s,
when he arrives in Oslo tomorrow. So watch out, all you who´s going to the Alice Cooper show -
Sami will be there!
The RRAF crew will most likely be featured in an article in some blues-magazine, which will take place at the festival.
Something about the Dolls... More on that when it´s all set and done!

The Jetsurfers will also play a gig on friday night, in downtown Notodden.
But I think it´s really early on, so I doubt it if I will make it.
But, either I´m gonna see Solomon Burke, or Hubert Sumlin and David Johansen.
Right now, I´m listening to Hubert Sumlin´s latest record, About Them Shoes, feat among others,
Keith Richards and David Johansen! It´s leaning towards that show.
But who knows, later tonight I might put on Solomon...

A lot of the old reviews are up again, and a lot more is on the way.
It´s a bit more work than I expected, but some day I will get through it.
Sorry to all of you who´s been missing them.
And all of them will be in alphabetical order.

Oh yeah, check the Shakedown section - some new gigs announced!

`And I´m the prima ballerina on a spring afternoon!´

Monday 25. july, 2005:

Here we go again - three new reviews are up!

If you think nothing has happened here lately, there´s not much going on else-where either.
Even the incredible amount of spam-mail I usually get, is low during summer...
One of the places there´s some heavy traffic, is my favourite Stones site: The Rolling Stones Fan Club - It's Only Rock'n Roll

Yeah of course you should check it out! And be sure to get all the info in the Tell Me section there.
You´ll absolutely love it!

The new issue, #20, of trakMARX goes live on wednseday.
Here´s some info:
Wotcha Punky Wavers,

Issue 20 of will be live from 27/07/05 - packed with birthday
action - we are proud to feature:

John Walters Column, John Robb's Gold Blade Tour Diary, Kris Needs on The
Stooges, The Stooges, Clinton Heylin Q&A, Seymour Bybuss' Holiday Snaps,
Brian Young on the pitfalls facing young combos, Lemmy Caution of the Black
Time on The Mekons, Rat Scabies, Johnny Green's new book, The Prefects -
Robert Lloyd Q&A, the Ramones DVD, The Great R'n'R Swindle - DVD review &
Sub Kid stash splash, Johnny Thunders in the theatre, sexmachina, The
Rezillos Live, Kris Needs on Certain General & all the usual news, reviews &
fuct up views.
What more do you expect for fuck all.

Jean Encoule

Oh my god, we got some exciting news for ya in the Ratcats + Åsmunds pages!!!
You better go right now!

The Hollywood Vampires are out to play some gigs for you, so check the Vampires page for info, please.
People in Bergen city should take notice!

I think this is the news for this years Rock Mot Fotball festival (Rock Against Soccer festival)

Sadly it crashes with the New York Dolls gig at Notodden Blues-festival.
More on that gig in the Shakedown section. I guess you´ll see me there if you´re going...

...and maybe you´ll also see me in front of the Hellacopters show at the Storås festival, right outside Trondheim, on saturday.
And also when the Evil Angels are on stage.
More info: Storåsfestivalen 2005

Allright, anybody listened to Hero and Hard Drinkin´ Man yet?!?
No! Then move your ass - and see the Ratcats and Åsmunds pages now!
I´m playing them for the umpteenth time now!