Friday 31. december 2004:

How ībout welcoming the new year (itīs too easy to write `tearī instead of `yearī!) with a dirty, rotten, live punkrock cd, eh??!
Check the review-section and see what I got the other day - the brand new live cd with The Åsmunds!
Itīs so good to see that Hit Me! Records is back in the game again - the folks that brought us the I Got Erection 7" by Turboneger, Shitty City 7" by Gluecifer, Monster In My Cadillac 7" by Backstreet Girls and some fine-fine
Fuck Ups releases. Last man to the counter is a fucking sissy! Or if you donīt wanna read my review - check the guestbook!!

Cry a tear in your beer, or whatever youīre having, for those who has lost their lives in Asia. Some friends of mine were in Thailand for almost the whole of december - and their flight theyīd booked back to Sweden, flew out only hours before the flood. Talk about timing!!! Iīm glad you made it back safe boyz -

I wish you all a Happy New Year - and hope for all good things to happen. /xxx

Sunday 26. december 2004:

Some new shows added at the top - Twistaroos and the Oowees. And a brand new review of the Oowees brand new 7" ep is up in the reviews-section. Great ep!!

Some bands and artists are putting up Christmas presents for their fans on their web-sites, hereīs some you gotta check out: &

Nikkiīs got two unreleased songs there now, including one beautiful acoustic number recorded live on radio, Nothing Left. The Jetsurfers has put up their own hillbilly version of Winter Wonderland - go get it santas!!!

See some of you in the bar during tonights show with Null$katte$nylterne, right on!!

Friday 24. december 2004:

So itīs Christmas Eve, and Iīm finally ready for some time off from the world. Iīm at my parents house and all is good -
I think I even saw the moon blink at me today! So hereīs my X-Mas gift to all you darlings and sweethearts out there, I wish you all a very Merry Christmas - and so do The Yobs:

Tuesday 14. december 2004:

Added some new links - to the Elm Street Rock Cafe in the scenes-section, and to the great, great Swedish Sleaze in the fanzines-section. Check that out, both are very cool sites, and it will take me some time to go through all those links that Swedish Sleaze has put up. Looking forward to it!

Also added the Null$katte$nylterne gig on the top, theyīre live and sweaty here in Trondheim on the 26.!

To satisfy the needs of a glam-rocker, the always adoring Scarecrows have put up three brand new songs on their temporary web-site, for all you to download. A little change in style but the same cool attitude, donīt miss out on them!

C U all on thursday at the Valentourettes gig!
*Never trust a blonde*

Wednesday 1. december 2004:

Two new reviews are up - UKīs The Divine Brown and american/australian Johnny Casinoīs Easy Action.

Nikkiīs on tour in Italy with his Last Bandits, the Dogs DīAmour are set for a december tour of England - sometimes it would be just wonderful to sell a lot of the crap one got and sail away! Maybe try and save a little of my income... But a ragged soul has got to live too, Iīm a bit tired of staying in most of the time now, īcause my money is gone and I donīt know where it is! But ainīt that the case all year round??
Well well... I can count the days on my toes and fingers before Iīm off to, hopefully, a good, good weekend in the norwegian capaital. Anyone coming to join me in the bar for the Tenderhooks show? Let me know...

Friday 19. november 2004:

Finally some progression here on this site! The review-section is updated with three new ones, and the brilliant
Scandinavian Wanker cdep by Bithammer! is up for sale in the shop. That one you ought to have a listen at!

The Boys Are Back!!! Yeah, thatīs right - The Boys are doing a gig again, the last one being in december 2001. This time
itīs a festival in Berlin, 23. january. Find out more: (it will be updated this weekend I think)
Need some hard-to-find rockīn roll? And if itīs good, check out this one:

Itīs Casīs own site to give to you the finest in norwegian rockīn roll ever, and some of his friends from abroad.

Now Iīve got my plane-tickets and concert-tickets for the 17. december, then Iīm off to Oslo again! I had such a great time last weekend, some upīs and downīs, but without them it wouldīve been boring! Dave Kusworth is flying in on thursday 16. - this is gonna be a weekend of partying Iīll never forget! So come on - join the fun and get your tickets now! Thereīs some very special guests for the Valentourettes show, itīs in the papers, so find it out there. Ta-ta!

Monday 15. november 2004:

Ooh-la-la! What a show Backstreet Girls put on on saturday - with great help of lots of friends from Silver, Trashcan Darlings, Cockroach Clan and Carburetors (donīt really remember who all on stage were) as well as legendary Pål "Krisa" Kristensen and Steinar Ramberg. Bless īem all! On friday we managed to put on our own show, I think, at the Elm Street Club. Me and rīnīr drive-along buddy for the ride, Sondre, arriving there around  9.30 pm started right away on the beers and those wonderful screwdrivers. Since my day started at 5.50 am, went to work for six hours, then a seven hour drive - I got very drunk pretty fast! But it was fun, very fun in fact! One of the first we met was Trashcan Darlingsī Chris Doll, so we sat down with him and Jay, bassplayer from finnish rockers Shotdowns, and his girlfirend Aija. Then Strange? Gentle and Mute Magazineīs Marianne Jemtegård joined in. They were going to see The Nomads at the Mono club, and we thought about it too. But it was all sold out, so we stayed at Elm Street which was fine with me anyway. Lots of nice people had a few drinks with us including Patrick from Paris who had come all the way to see the Backstreet Girls! Hope you enjoyed the gig and that it was worth your trip. The 20 year anniversary is one night for the books - everyone there must have had one hell of a good time! Maybe except for one or two who didnīt get in and had to spend the night in the drunktank. But it was nice meeting you at the party before. Hard Rock Cafe has this slogan: Love all - serve all. And I gotta tell ya - almost the same thing has to be said about Rockefeller. One of their security-guards, a very nice lady, told me to get some air sometime during the show, something which I got really upset about. I didnīt wanna be thrown out before the show was over, and especially not before theyīd played Sweet Little Rockīn Roller with Casino Steel! So I went outside and then she let me in again if I didnīt drink anymore. You know what, I didnīt have another drink either - this would not have happened here in Trondheim at all! So love all, but not serve all. Itīs allright. The show was filmed so hopefully a dvd release will see the light of day soon. Thanxx to all of you we met and got drunk with, I love you! And a big thank you to Angel-Marte for letting us spend the night there, and a no thank you for letting me sleep in the park the first night! Read car, but it was almost just as fucking cold! Now itīs time to book a flight for the Trashcan Darlings X-Mass bash in a month.

No real news at present... just be sure to find your copy of the terrific Rolling Stones Some Girls sessions bootleg! It includes an awesome take on Hang Fire, and lots of cool unreleased tracks such as Never Make Me Cry, No Spare Parts, Everlasting Is My Love and Do You Get Enough.

Monday 8. november 2004:

Hello there!...Malcolm....
As most of you, hopefully, has noticed - this site has now officially moved. Iīm now paying for this shit!
In time it will be relaunched with a much better layout. Iīm working on it right now together with my brother, the computer whizz, but I can tell you now - itīll take some time! As long as I still canīt figure out upside down on a computer, very much lies in the hand of him. But already weīve done some major improvements thatīll look fantastic when itīs finished.
In the meantime, a man canīt just sit around, lots of upcoming shows as you can see on the top, and Iīve got more than a couple of books to read - at once!
I have booked my tickets for this saturdays Backstreet Girls anniversary, and the Hanoi Roxx show in Oslo early next year. Hopefully the fins will turn up this time....

I know Iīll see a lot of you on saturday, last man to the bar is a cissy!
And bring cash - the first four Backstreet Girls albums is sold at the venue, remastered with bonustracks!
And maybe get there early - support acts are oi!oi!oi! punks Cockroach Clan and rollers The Åsmunds.
Oh, and if I got the cash and get down to Oslo in right time, The Nomads are playing at Mono on friday night.


Thursday 28. october 2004:

Hi everyone!
Iīm sort of back on track here, Iīm very sorry to all of you whoīve sent your records and not getting a review earlier. But some of them are up now, so go and check out the reviews-section - thereīs some bands there waiting for you people to check them out!
Las Vegas was a perfect high in the last days of september, more on that when the new site is on-line. Thereīs no more space to use right here right now, so the new adress will be: Nothing there yet though, but youīll get there the next time youīre visiting here.

Donīt forget The Carburetors and Grand Cafe at Sake in Trondheim on saturday!!
C U there!