Friday 17. september 2004:

`You´re on your way to Vegas, baby!!´
That´s what the hotel-confirmation says, so now, finnally, everything looks like me and my dear friend, The Defender Of Rock, are on our way to gambling stardom! Maybe not, but we´ll do our best. Info on the shows we´ll be going to, check links on the top. We´re asked to do something on the Supersuckers show, which is their fantastic Big Show: both country and rock´n roll - but if I´m honest here, I´ve got some doubts if we´ll remember anything the day after. Time will show...

Though it was out in the open some time ago that Johnny Ramone had cancer, I really didn´t think he´d go so soon. People are talking about the damnation of the Ramones, well... I´m starting to wonder. Go see the guest-book, Russian Ramones-fan, Tanja, left some words and be sure to visit her excellent web-site. One of the coolest on the Ramones!
Here´s some words from our own guitar-hero, Andy King of The Graves and Twistaroos.

A new 7" tribute record to the mighty Cosmic Psychos is out now on Dull City Records. Included is one of Norway´s finest, The Mormones. A message from Mr. Dull himself here. So get in touch with him and save yourself a copy, I guess it´s a very limited edition.

And don´t forget Shake your bottom@Rock Bottom tonight in Oslo, live on stage - the truly amazing Twistaroos!!!
For more info, check the link on the top!

Get down and get with it - get drunk as a skunk! (as Toody herself puts it).
Have a lovely weekend!!

Wednesday 8. september 2004:

Ooh-la-la! Three new reviews are up, some wonderful records you all of course just gotta have!

Sunday 5. september 2004:

Some new live dates on the schedule, check above!

The music paper Backstage has put some of the new articles up on their  web-site. So if you won´t buy the actual paper, which you should, just click here, and there´s my interview with Nikki Sudden. Hope you all like it!

After a very tough weekend, it´s actually nice for a change to just let it be an easy sunday evening. I hate sundays, don´t know why really, but the feeling of a sunday isn´t what I like. I much rather enjoy an early monday morning, very early to be exact. Around 6 am I have to get up tomorrow to go to work, but it´s not bad really, as most of you will say. It´s good to get up and take on a new week with all that rock´n roll it may bring. It always does. And tomorrow morning I´ll put on those new Hanoi Rocks live bootlegs I bought yesterday. One from Japan 1983 and one from Gothenburg 2002. Haven´t had the time to listen to them yet, just a little on the Osaka gig during last nights party. It sounded amazing!
I´ll soon go and doze off for the night, haven´t gotten much sleep this weekend. Lots of great parties and nice people has seen to that. But you know, you don´t need much more than a couple of hours a night. Why sleep away your life when it´s so much better to stay awake?! Let´s go rock´n roll - and don´t forget Ian Hunter next friday! If you want a lesson in rock´n roll, though I expect this gig to be kind of slow rock´n roll, it will be a good time for sure.

Thursday 2. september 2004:

The new issue of Backstage is out now! It holds a whole page with my interview with Nikki Sudden as well as my review of Treasure Island. The paper is in norwegian but the interview was done in english, a couple of cool pictures are also included. The review is in norwegian though. It actually looks and reads better than I expected it to. I dreaded the worst, as always...
In Norway you can buy it at Narvesen, there´s one around every corner! For the rest of the world, just get in touch with Backstage. Or mail me and I can send you a copy, it´s dirt cheap, 45NOK/6euro/$7. It also contains an interview with Ian McLagan and a review of the new Jetsurfers record.

For those who weren´t at Little Stevens Underground Garage Festival in New York some weeks back, check out these very nice pictures: Star File Photo Agency, Ltd - Events. I wasn´t there but some friends of mine were, among them Oslo band, Cocktail Slippers. Or as the text under the pictures say, the Cocktail Girls. Other acts included Iggy and the Stooges, New York Dolls, Star Spangles and a whole bunch more!

SHAKE YOUR BOTTOM @ ROCK BOTTOM is a new concept by Red Planet Agency in the basement of Muddy Waters in Oslo. For more information, click here. Red Planet has also a sunday thing going on in the backyard of Gamla, read more about that here. Sorry, it´s only in norwegian.

Sunday 29. august 2004:

Some new reviews are up and The Bowery Electric Ep is for sale! Every girl and boy who thinks the Ramones was one of the best bands around need this ep, read more about it in the shop!

Monday 23. august 2004:

A new review is up, of the brand new ep by Trondheims The Rooph! Out in the shops on 6. september and the release party will be held at Posepilten on 2. september. Be there and buy the ep as soon as you can. It´s not too often a local band takes me by surprise!

Thursday 19. august 2004:

It´s always sad to recieve news about robberies. Great Oslo rockabilly-band Toini & the Tomcats lost their equipment to simple thieves. Here follows some information and who to contact if you´ve seen or heard something:

En bil med utstyr fra bandene Toini & The Tomcats og The Phantoms har
blitt stjålet. Det er en VW Caravelle C 1987 modell ( KF 19452
:farge brun metalic) og ble tatt i Heimdalsgt natt til søndag. Bilen inneholdt:

Pearl trommesett type MMX med stativer
Div. Paiste cymbaler
1 Rickenbacker bass med beige farge
1 Peavay Pacer gitar forsterker med electrovoice høytaler
2 stk høyttalere LEM 3-veis. Farge sort m/hvit logo. Jack/XLR inn og ut.
1 stk mixepult med forsterker 12 kanaler Yamaha DX-12 m/flightcase.
3 stk mikrofoner med kabel, Sure 709.
1 stk adapter XLR/jack.
2 stk høyttalerkabler 10 meter.
3 stk mikrofonstativer m/galge
2 stk høyttalerstativer
2 stk shure mikrofoner SM58 med tilhørende kabler

Hvis noen får tilbud eller har sett noe av dette, er det bare å ringe til:
martin caspersen på 98692119
lille-erik på 48235325
jørgen gaardvik på 95021835
arne ertnæs på 92845885

Toini & The Tomcats og The Phantoms.

On the brighter side, there´s a new review up! The new Baby Woodrose record, Dropout, will be released on Bad Afro records 20. september. I know some of you will like it, I didn´t!

Tomorrow night: Trashcan Darlings live in Trondheim for the third time in one and a half year, beat that honey!
Here´s info and some words by yours truly, though they´re a little twisted: Samfundet - Trashcan Darlings

Friday 13. august 2004:

Only a week to go, Trashcan Darlings on stage in Trondheim for the third time! I´m pretty satisfied with that and it seems that alot of people are planning to show up. And this is also the second weekend of this season that Studentersamfundet is open so probably a lot of people will be there anyway, interested or not interested in the Darlings. Could be an idea to be there a little earlier than right until showtime.
This is your chance to see & hear the set-list of Cleaning Out The Cuntinent tour including some fabulous choices of covers! If we´re lucky... And it´s also you´re second last chance to see Eric Carr behind the drums, you´ll be missed Eric.

On monday, the new Jetsurfers record hit the streets. The release party will be held at Muddy Waters in Oslo on tuesday 17. august. If I had the money I´d be there! But I´m trying to save some for a trip to a spectacular city at the end of september, check this link: Anyone going? Let me know...
You can download one of the songs from Five Years Down The Road cd, just go pay them a visit here:
: : : . . . j e t s u r f e r s . . . : : :

Here´s a new band you might enjoy, from Stockholm Sweden, the sleazy Starlet Suicide!!!!
Give them a great big kiss and have yourself a bottle of vodka!

I just found out I´ll never ever try heroin! Read the book Wonderland Avenue by Danny Sugerman and you´ll see what I mean. Guess you can get it from most internet bookstores.

I did an interview with Nikki Sudden last weekend and a review of his new record Treasure Island, which will appear in the next issue of Backstage. I think it´s out in a month or so, maybe sooner, check your local Narvesen kiosk. 

C U next friday!

Tuesday 3. august, 2004:

Here´s the program for this years Rock Mot Fotball festival in Moss, Norway: ::: ROCK MOT FOTBALL :::.

NYC´s cool cats Jackdaw has a new cd out, you can all get it through here: CD Mountain.

  Concerts at the Elm Street Club in Oslo autumn 2004:

04 August: Wonderfools + Pal Pacino  90,- (Eliterock av fra gutta bak skiva
'Doing their duty to the Nightlife'som i slutten av måneden reiser til
Tyskland for å varme opp på hele turneen til legendene The Bohse Onkelz)

05 August: Subsonic Mind (S) + Abzintas  (Metall/industribandet Subsonic
Mind (Sverige) med sangersken Lisa Nyström som frontfigur intar scenen på
Elm Street torsdag den 5:e august. Subsonic Mind er et band som har fått
lysende kritikk både i svensk og norsk presse. Under våren har bandet
figurert i aviser, radio og fjernsyn og etter nyttår vokste deres publikum
med rasende fart. Subsonic Mind har blitt omtalt for sitt spesielle sound og
for sitt totale scenenærvær. Nå debuterer de live i Norge. På Elm Street
spiller denne kveld også metallbandet Abzintas. SUBSONIC MIND het tidligere
bare Subsonic, men valgte att forandre navnet p.g.a. fare for sammenblanding
med andre band med lignende navn. Bandet startet for tre år siden som duo,
men har etterhånden øket og ble i januar en kvintett bestående av Lisa
Nyström, sang, Tomas Walter, gitarr, Niklas Nord, sampling og gitarr, Jimmy
Dahlgren, bass og Jolene Fredricson, trummor.)

11 August: Klubb-Øya 2004 m.  the Mormones, Loch Ness Mouse og Girl from
Saskatoon  Gratis m. Øya-bånd/ 100,-

19 August: All in Black Night m. Bomberos, Brawl og Feilfødt  tba

01 Sept: Honcho  80,- (Pure desert rockn roll with that smooth stoner edge'
Honcho slapp i 2002 skiva Corporate rock. I september kommer Burning in
water Drowning in fire som vi ganske sikkert kan vente oss flere tunge og
lekre smakebiter av denne kvelden!)

02 sept: Oslo Punkrock festival og Elm Street presenterer 'Duo' m. Aurora
Plastic monster, The Åsmunds, m. fl.  60,-

09 Sept:  Groovie Ghoulies (US) + The Yum Yums  80,-  (Groovie Ghoulies står
bak noe av den mest fengende og flotte poppunken som finnes å oppdrive.
Sjekk gjenre ut 'Fear of the dark', Monster's ball'eller 'Re-animation
festival' for å nevne noen. Bare å glede seg!!)
22 Sept:  Los Fastidos (I) + Support (Legendarisk Italiensk oi)

23 Sept:  Demolition Doll Rods (US)  110,-  (The Demolition Doll Rods are
children of God who were sent to this planet to inspire the creative forces
that lie at the heart and soul of each and every living creature. Through
the forces of the powers that be, Danny, Christine and Margaret Doll Rod
venture far and wide. Through (or by) the grace of God they will Rock, they
will Roll, they will out of control every heart and soul that be. As they
get around they will strip you down, pow your wow, challenge you to live
right here and right now. Each and every nation shall experience this
sensation. If you can, you will and they do. There is no means of
Transportation that will get you like the Demolition Doll Rods. They will
drive you out of your mind and into your soul.
They are here to let you know who you are is what you be and to each us all
is everything.
God Bless and Rock On

03 Okt:  Texas Terri Bomb (US)  100,-  ( Texas Terri Bomb is THE REAL DEAL!
Texas Terri hails from Austin, TX but relocated to Hollywood, CA. She has
toured the U. S. and Europe and has songs/roles in several movies. Texas
Terri's street credibility puts her miles above others. She has earned her
title as "underground legend" in the punk rock & roll world and it shows in
her songs and her stage presence. Her voice and persona has a tough girl
attitude and sex kitten charisma (and evey emotion in between) she will
steal your heart away and you will not want her to give it back! Always
fresh and full of spontaneity with that early NYC/CBGB's edge. She has been
compared to the likes of Iggy Pop, Mick Jagger, Steven Tyler, Wendy O.
Williams, Joan Jett, etc, not bad, eh? Yet she still has the magnatude of
holding her own in this world of pre-fab music, why
settle, aren't you hungry for more? Let the Rock & Roll run through your
veins! Get some, and get it now!

31 Okt:  Cockney Rejects (UK) + Haggis + Ratcats + the Whalers + Ordrenekt 
230,-   (Denne kvelden er ment å være en real gavepakke til alle som elsker
klassisk punk og punkrock.Det legendariske bandet Cockney Rejects har
utgivelser som Flares and Slippers, Bad Man og the great Cockney rip-off på
samvittigheten, samt en lang rekke plater som alle, enkelt og greit heter
Greatest Hits, Vol 1, 2, 3 osv. Videre er Vål'engas og Oslo's
Punkrock-stolthet the Whalers klare for å sette jernet i bånd, Fra Stavanger
lover Haggis bråk og rock 'n' roll, Petter Baarlie og Ratcats svikter aldri
og det samme kan man vel si om Ordrenekt. Hva mer kan man vel ønske seg. En
helaften svinebra punkrock er servert!!)

Tuesday 27. july, 2004:

Nikki Sudden & The Last Bandits Treasure Island release party will be held at the Mudd Club in Berlin 29. july. Wish I could´ve been there as Treasure Island is one of this years most loved records. But let´s see if Nikki and his pirates can come and play some place a bit nearer in the not too distant future. The review of TI is now up as well as some thoughts on the Gatecrashers demo.

Looky here for some of the finest 7" records to come out of Norway: Musikkavisen Backstage.
They got the Hollywood Brats 7" ep, Rough Mixes and Claudia Scotts unforgettable take on Stones´ Wild Horses.
Just click on "shopping" there.

It´s been out for awhile now but my lazy ass haven´t been up to date! The reunited, quite legendary actually since they broke up back in the mid-nineties, Nine Pound Hammer has released a whole new album, Kentucky Breakdown.
Most of you will recognise Blaine Cartwright, the guitarplayer, from Nashville Pussy. But 9 Pound Hammer is way better if you ask me! Enter hillbilly heaven:!!!! Redneck Romance here I come!!

Friday 23. july, 2004:

Lots of upcoming gigs, especially in the Oslo-area. But I´m soo proud to announce that Trashcan Darlings will return to Trondheim on friday 20. august! It´s only a month away!!

Now get the hell away from the computer and get fucking drunk!
And if you got it, if you don´t go get it!, put on the Love and Hurt record by Darrell Bath.
Love is truly unkind...  Have a great drunken weekend!

Friday 16. july, 2004:

So it sadly is true, Arthur "Killer" Kane is dead. He passed away on tuesday 13. july, and yesterday was Johnny Thunders birthday! It never seem to go the right way for the Dolls. You can read more about it here:
*New York Dolls star dies - NME.COM

*BBC NEWS | Entertainment | Music | New York Dolls bass player dies

The pix from the Peace & Love festival last weekend is up. Enjoy!!

Now I´m signing off, it´s been a long day. The time is 3.15am and I´ve been awake almost a full 24 hour!
Have a good night and stay bruised with Nikki Sudden´s Treasure Island cd and maybe the New York Dolls wonderful biography, "Too much too soon". Think I´ll read some pages ´bout Arthur once more before dozing off.
I wish all Dolls a beautiful sleep....

Thursday 15. july, 2004:

Just to let you know, the pictures of the Hollywood Vampires gig in march is now up in the "Rock-Pix" section. Hope you like them, I think they turned out great! And the gig was fantastic!! A true rock´n roll show with lots of boogie and sleaze.

I just got a mail saying that Arthur "Killer" Kane of the New York Dolls died. From leukemia. More info on this as soon as I can find a trustworthy source.

Tuesday 13. july, 2004:

Amazing! Fantastic! Splendid! Unbelievable great time I had at the Peace & Love festival in Sweden. And thanxx to Hanoi Rocks, Motörhead, Nikki Sudden and Dave Kusworth. And muchos grazias to Sondre, Helge and Kristin (my travel-companions), and to the Trysil-rockers (Hollywood Vampires - Fuck Yeah!!), and the one and only Stony, lead-singer of the sleazy Gatecrashers ( and the very cool Radio Tango-girls. I love you all and hope to see you soon again, especially at another Hanoi Rocks gig. Review and pix of their smashing performance will soon be up.
And to Nikki and Dave, you´ll always have a special place in my heart. I will never forget the good times you shared with me. Now go and see the shop, the brand new Nikki Sudden cd is up there for sale!
And it´s with much appreciation that Nikki once again has found room enough to mention me and my compadres in his journal: 11 July - Sunday Evening Stockholm Blues

Tuesday 6. july, 2004:

Hello darlings!
Haven´t been here for awhile. Since the one who I´d never thought would let me down, my dear dear Mitsubishi Galant had to be towed to a workshop a week ago, I haven´t been much around. The broadband-company couldn´t make it to my house, so I´m still without internet connection where I sleep. And therefore a bit "addicted" to my car. But I´m as happy as a goldfish in the Carribean Sea, I just got it back and tomorrow we´re leaving for the Peace & Love festival.
Hanoi Roxx here I come!
See other excellent show-dates at the top, if you´re nearby any of this action, GO!
I´m actually a bit proud over the fact that Los Aarones are playing at the Waldstock festival. Just goes to show that depressing shit-music from Bergen, Norway (or anywhere else for that matter) can stick it up the arse!
Click on the link and you can download some tunes from their amazing ep, reviewed here for seven eyes on the dice.

Still ain´t read Strange? Gentle´s fantastic review of the New York Dolls reunion?? Sorry that it´s only in norwegian but I know some of you english-speakers almost understood some parts of it. Nice going! Anyway, here´s some really cool pictures that famous photographer Bob Gruen took: Bob Gruen, Rock and Roll Photographer - NY Dolls Reunion.

A review of the brand new Hanoi Rocks single is also up.

xo/Your friend in the nighttime, C U where there´s Peace&Love!