Sunday 27. june, 2004:

The rockalco... crew, yours truly and friends and the Hollywood Vampires are ready for the Peace & Love festival next weekend. As always, don´t expect any tour-reports!

The brand new version of the classic Ramones album Subterranean Jungle done by the Tip Toppers has just hit the streets. And we got it for sale, check the shop!

Strange? Gentle, singer in the wonderful Trashcan Darlings was so kind and sent me his review of the New York Dolls reunion-gig in London last week. It´s only in norwegian though and you can read it in the reviews-section. Enjoy!  

And here´s a good interview with Dave Kusworth of the Jacobites and Tenderhooks: kusworth.

Thursday 17. june, 2004:


The curse of the Ramones continues... when do the All Mighty plan to leave our heroes in peace??!!?
He was diagnosed four years ago, and just two days ago Marky broke the news to the world.
You can read more about it here:
Although, on the official Ramones site it says that he´s getting better and no need to worry. Check the link in the "int. bands" section. On nothin´s mentioned. I guess in time we´ll find out what´s happenin´.

The Hollywood Vampires are supporting Slade at the Pavilion in Søre Osen, Trysil 3rd of July.
A real good rockin´ night stuffed with lots of hits! Anyone nearby should go see it. 

Monday 14. june, 2004:

Lots of up-coming shows around the world, wish I was a rock´n roll star so I could see them all!
Right now the Peace & Love festival looks the most interesting for me, so hopefully I´ll see some of you there.

Lisa Jackson & Girl Friday is playing alot of rock´n roll shows in NYC, I really want to see it someday. Maybe in the fall...
But check out her nice web-site and be sure to go see her if you´re nearby: Lisa Jackson!

AAnd if you´re not satisfied with the www, sit back check into the star of Sopranos, Steven Van Zandt´s radio-show:
Little Steven's Underground Garage. You´ll be there for hours! Hope you don´t need any sleep.


Wednesday 9. june, 2004:

Casino Steel
of Hollywood Brats fame, the legend from classic punkrockers The Boys and once a member of The Ramones, was in Trondheim on a short visit last night. Dropping off some cd´s to the RRAF... circus. All albums are a definitive
`got-to-have-it´ for everyone calling themselves a music-lover! Not too many copies of each at the moment, but if they sell out I´ll get more in a second! So if you don´t already got them, here´s your chance
´cause these babys are not to be found everywhere:
*Casino Steel and the Bandits featuring Mick Ronson
*Casino Steel and the Bandits: Oh Boy!
*To hell with The Boys (the original mix)
*Completely Rock´n Roll vol 2, the ballads (incl. Hollywood Brats, Hanoi Rocks, The Boys, Ian Hunter and more)
*The Yobs: Leads 3 - Amps United 0
*Ian Hunter´s Dirty Laundry (feat. Casino Steel, Darrel Bath, Glen Matlock, Honest John Plain and Vom)
For more info and tracklisting, click on the Casino Steel link above.
All cd´s 100nok/13euro/14$ each (postage not included).

The very brilliant Completely Rock´n Roll vol 1 (feat. Ramones, Hanoi Rocks, Backstreet Girls and more) got lost somewhere, but let me know if you want it. It´s a big fuckin´ party on it´s own!!

Soon to come: The Tip Toppers plays The Ramones´ Subterranean Jungle!

I don´t know just how I feel about this release, only that I´ll take the bands word for it; it´s a KILLER!!
It might seem a bit unnecessary, to do a whole Ramones album all over again, like the Queers did Rocket to Russia. But I know the Tip Toppers very well and that they won´t let me down, ever! Limited to 500 copies. 

Thursday 3. june, 2004:

And yesterday was Charlie Watts birthday, congrats Charlie old basher! The Stones seem to be everywhere I go nowadays, and most played at the RRAF hq are two 4-cd boxes I just bought. Nice stuff!

Tomorrow at Blæst here in Trondheim:
This is the first of five release-parties (or maybe it´s the second, I think they´re playing at Kaos in Tromsø tonight) for their long-awaited full-length debut album, Fortar Hardar Høgar! You can read a review of the ep by the same name in the reviews-section. And more live-dates on their web-site.

Tuesday 1. june, 2004:

Happy birthday! Ronnie Wood is 57 years today!!

Hanoi Rocks, Motörhead and our favourite sweethearts, Jacobites are booked for the Peace & Love festival in Borlänge, Sweden 8. - 10. june. More info here: Peace & Love 2004.
A couple of new reviews are up, the Highshcool Motherfuckers and the new Boys-collection. I wrote them late last night but I think they turned out pretty good. Rock´n roll is the best reason to stay awake, the story of my life really!
I was gonna sell the new Boys cd in the shop, I ordered five copies. But they are all long gone sold out! But get in touch with Rockaway Records, see link at the bottom of the review, and you´ll have it in no time! Very good service there. Anyway, most likely I´ll order more soon and announce it asap. So if you´re interested, I can get it for you, just get in touch.  

Monday 24. may, 2004:

I´m really proud that the pictures I took of Jacobites here in Trondheim last november are up on the Nikki Sudden site, go here: *Nikki Sudden*
And maybe not many know it, but I sometimes write articles for other web-sites as well, and right now there´s a pretty new one up on the Backstreet Girls site, looky here: [The Backstreet Girls Homepage].

If I don´t answer mails during the next week, it´s because I´m off to Tromsø Kill City, to see Dead Moon on wednesday. Then I´ll have some days off in both Tromsø and Bardufoss, and that´s gonna suit this worn-out soul just perfect! The last couple of weeks have been too damn hectic, so fuck the world, and maybe the world will fuck me back...

Oh yeah, there´s a new review up of the amazing new 7" single by The Tip Toppers!

xoxo signing off...

Friday 21. may:

Here´s some awesome pix of Trashcan Darlings at their first gig of the european tour at Berlin´s Wild At Heart:
Trashcan Darlings!

Three new reviews are up, go ahead and check out the rockers!

Very little going on at the moment, so the trip to Tromsø Kill City next week will be a real pleasure.
And I almost forgot, the lovely Ms. Jayne County´s gonna play a couple of european festivals in august/septemper,
check the dates at her web-site, link in the links-section.
And Hanoi Rocks is booked for this years Ruis Rock in Turku, Finland. Also playing there are Turboneger, Motörhead, Hawkwind, Backyard Babies and Stray Cats among others. So if you´re going to a festival this summer, pick that one!

Have a nice drunken weekend, amigos!!!!

Monday 10. may:

Out now on Rockaway Records
"17 tracks of all Boys career + Remastered 2004 + EXCLUSIVE never before
released all 4 Boys videos + 16 pages booklet with many never-before-seen
photos from Jack Black's private collection + blah blah blah."

You can order the cd direct from Rockaway Records, send ´em cash well concealed in an envelope, at your own risk, or pay through Paypal, which I recommend. It´s not always that mail to Argentina arrives!
You can reach Mariano at Rockaway here:

Link to the Boys in the "int. bands" section.
Or you can let me know if you want to buy one, and I´ll order one for you. Anyway, I´ll take on five ex, so you´ll find it in the shop soon. Not quite yet though, I´ll have to check out the financial situation first!

HIT ME! Records still got some very good norwegian 7" r´n´r singles for sale, including Backstreet Girls´ "Monster in my cadillac" and Fekale Brekninger. Go check ´em out here:
HIT ME ! Records - Piss, Pain and Punk from Oslo and points between...
Maybe I´ll have some of it for sale here soon, but don´t wait for it, especially if you want the BSG single, not many left!

Forthcoming thursday, Oslo-rockers Rhumble In Rhodos plays for first time in Trondheim at Coffee Annan. Go and cheer for one of Scandinavias best vocalists, Thomas Bratlie, also with the outstanding Action Pilots!

And here´s an ad for the forthcoming celebration of the norwegian national day, 17. may:

           H IPP ROCK


Lør 15 mai KL.21.00 Sharp  Inng. Kr.100,-
Ikke Forsalg, men førstemann til: 

 Grensen 1 Inng. Møllergt. Oslo Tlf. 23 35 63 79   

Se danskenes Garage-Rock Konger:
  + mad-rock ensemblet  
+ Rockabilly-helvete  
+ drøssevis av fete 50's/60's/70's/80' Rock'n'Roll-videos
+ DJ Kongen 
1.Rockere har i årevis, ja helt siden 50-tallet minst.....påført vårt kjære  fedreland stor skade ved hindre den saga natt i å senke seg. Dermed har de forbrutt seg mot 17 mai's ærefulle nasjonalfølelse, hvor gnagsår i penskoa og flaggvifting til henda detter av, har inngått i det forpliktende "Ja Vi Elsker"-felleskapet!
Altfor ofte snyter denne flotte ungdom som skal bringe landet videre, seg selv med feire 17 mai i dispril-tåka, liggende på sofaen med Barnetoget på TV, mens de feberilsk prøver å delta i gledesscenene, der alle våre lykkelige landsmenn får slått et slag for is,brus,pølse og sutrende drittunger i matros-dress etc.
HIPP ROCK HURRA FESTIVALEN's bidrag til fedrelandet ligger i å gi denne fortapte ungdommen mulighet til å flaggvifte mellom låtene, mens de i Hallelujah-stemning får rope sine HIPP ROCK HURRA-hyl, til Rocke-Kongelighetene på scenen!  Som regel legger disse fra seg gitarene mens de høflig vinker tilbake!!
2. Desuten har en annen 17 mai-link, nemlig Norges Lover nærmest på forhånd bestemt,
hva slags musikk som er:
" HIPP & HOT & WHAT'S NOT " ! Man kan nok si at HIPP ROCK HURRA-festivalen er en slags protest-festival og et aldri så lite grasrot-opprør mot disse styrte, men desverre lovlige markedskrefter.
Vi er nemlig DRITTLEI for å si det mildt at det j......barnetoget hvert å skal få så mye oppmerksomhet og tar derfor Hippnessen og gitar-øksa i egenhånd og lager vår egen hippe hæppening
med verdens mest hippe band!
PS! HIPP-ROCK-HURRA-Festivalen har ingenting med hverken HIPPIE eller HOPP å gjørra....!!
Av vårt fantastiske program i år kan det nevnes at alle som vil kan få kjørt seg ordentlig fra:
 KL.21.00 da vi viser en ny-mixet runde med Rockabilly-Glam og Punk Rock- videoer i denne rekkefølge :

And please do remember The DEFECTORS at Blæst forthcoming friday, read a couple of reviews in that section!


Wednesday 5. may:

The shop and reviews are updated. Got the new Trashcan Darlings 7", and it´s almost sold out!
If you want the cd-version, go and ask your local record-dealer, they should get it for you. I know some of you have bought it at Platekompaniet here in Trondheim and Oslo.

The Scream Tour 2004, with Backstreet Girls, Carburetors and Guardians Of Time hits Posepilten here in Trondheim tomorrow nigth. Never heard Guardians..., but BSG and Carbs offers enough boogie to hold for one night. This is gonna be a blast! Get your tickets today, or be there early. If it´s not already sold out, it will be! - Punk Rock... & Roll, the bordom issue is now finally up. Go check it out now!

Wednesday 28. april:

Hi! A bit lazy on the updates, but I´ve still ain´t got my www in ok shape, at the HQ. But when that´s all set up, (which should be yesterday, but because of a major fuck-up by the company, it´s not!) everything will be more up to date, and a whole lot of more shakin´ goin on! This site will also be moved to another adress, ´cause I just hate that fuckin´ htttp! The name will still be the same though, it seems that it makes an impact on most people, the positive way.

Trashcan Darlings put up one hell of a show at the Elm Street club last tuesday, probably one of the best shows I´ve ever seen!! Parts of the gig and interviews with Chris Doll and Frankie will be aired on norwegian ZTV on forthcoming friday, a show called "Z". And several Trondheim-scenes are keen on booking the Darlings for the fall, so expect at least a couple of gigs when the leavee falls. X your fingers!

Check the shop, got the brand new Sparkling Bombs cd for sale! Definitely one of the best rock´n roll records coming out this year, I know for sure!

Another huge happening this year, got to be the announced reunion of the New York Dolls!!!!
Read about it here:
*Pitchfork: Daily Music News

* / News / Boston Globe / Living / Arts / New York Dolls reunite at Morrissey's request
*Drowned in Sound - News - New York Dolls Reform - Mozza Leaks Meltdown Info!
* - Musikk


The Bad Boys Who Burned Out but Never Faded Away

Published: April 23, 2004

© Leni Sinclair, from Future/Now Films
The members of MC5 in a 1968 photograph used in David C. Thomas's
documentary about the band's rise and fall, "MC5: A True Testimonial."

As you watch the riveting, all-elbows-and-knuckles documentary "MC5: A True
Testimonial," you may wonder how long it can gingerly bypass the piles of
syringes, resentment and bad karma that mark the path to "Behind the Music,"
VH1's video tribute to rock 'n' roll wreckage. For most of its running time,
the director David C. Thomas actually manages to keep the film charging
ahead of the wastrel clichés that dot those VH1 burn-out chronicles, because
we're not just using one eye to catch a cobbled-together archive about Milli
Vanilli or some band that beat the odds to one-hit wonderland.

Rather, the proto-punk warriors known as the MC5 left a dent that outlasts
heir mostly negligible record sales, and the director's curiosity is piqued
by the group's sociological impact. The band members - Wayne Kramer, Fred
Sonic Smith, Rob Tyner, Michael Davis and Dennis Thompson - were caught up
in the desires that ensnare most musicians: drugs and love of the audience.
But for most of them, delivering body blows to the dozing status quo was as
much a part of the motivation as any other impulse. Nowadays such an ideal
seems particularly quaint and, despite the fury from Smith and Tyner,
attractively ingenuous.

As depicted in "Testimonial," which opens today in Manhattan, the robust
clash of ideology and ego - or of the heart and the loins - is a great
story, a shower of sparks. More important, given the crass commercial thrust
of music these days, a band pursuing anything other than Soundscan numbers
presents such an unusual tale, it's surprising that a dramatic version of
MC5's life, which flamed out in 1972, hasn't appeared until now.

Its gripping tangle of chords and danger, a need to craft art out of the
turmoil of the time, makes the music seem far less rusty than other pop of
that era. "Testimonial" is a rebuke to "American Idol" and the Rock and Roll
Hall of Fame. As the surviving members - Mr. Kramer, Mr. Davis and Mr.
Thompson - hold forth, a wicked, troublesome gleam can still be glimpsed in
their eyes, especially Mr. Kramer's.

The movie draws us along, too, because as Mr. Thomas allows the film to
point out, the band's influence functioned in inverse proportion to its
success on the charts. Certainly, the MC5 did succumb to the pressures of
hubris, drugs and delusion that eventually take a toll on almost all such
musical conglomerates, but the swath its members cut was so fearsome that
they embodied the escape-velocity self-destruction that is by now de rigueur
for groups following in their wake. The band's stance was so revolutionary
that the F.B.I. kept files and film on its members and on its wild manager,
John Sinclair, who was also a member of the radical White Panthers. Not many
other rockumentaries can boast of real government surveillance camera work
on their subjects.

"Testimonial," however, doesn't neglect the music, and several numbers -
including a live version of "Looking at You" - demonstrate the headlong
power of the MC5, whose attack is being emulated all over again by a host of
stylized, high-power popsters who, unfortunately, seem to be more enamored
of their images than of their music.

Mr. Thomas details the 1960's, a period that fomented a thirst for change on
the most elemental levels in Detroit, where the MC5 formed. "Testimonial"
begins in the rundown contemporary neighborhoods of that city, where Mr.
Thomas scours the empty streets, which cry out for the dazed combative
energy of Fred Smith; he made Detroit his home until he died in 1994.

With the aptly titled "MC5: A True Testimonial," Mr. Thomas captures
Detroit's taste for beats and revolt, which inspired the band. This
desperation fueled more important pop figures (and not just Motown artists)
than did the atmosphere in maybe any other city; it was an outlaw eruption
that ranged from Parliament/Funkadelic to Iggy Pop. It's a shame that
someone hasn't yet built a film on the joyful noise that kept the city vital.

MC5: A True Testimonial

Directed and edited by David C. Thomas; written by Laurel Legler and Mr.
Thomas; director of photography, Anthony Allen; music by the MC5; produced
by Ms. Legler; released by Avatar Films. At the Cinema Village, 22 East 12th
Street, Greenwich Village. Running time: 119 minutes. This film is not rated.

WITH: The MC5: Wayne Kramer, Michael Davis, Rob Tyner, Dennis Thompson and
Fred Sonic Smith.

Hi again! An article about the first version of this movie, you can find in the swedish Denimzine, check the shop, it´s for sale!

Monday 19. april:

The new Trashcan Darlings ep, "Tunes from the trashcan", just hit the streets today! And as this is the very best the band has ever done, you know you´re up for one hell of a good time! If your local record-dealer ain´t got it, ask him to get it for you, the ep is distributed by Bare Bra Musikk.

The "rock-pix" is updated with photos from the Jacobites gig at Credo, and also check out this russian Jacobites site: I don´t understand shit, but it got some very cool photos and a nice layout.

On wednesday 5. may, the new trakMARX #14 - the boredom issue, will be live on the net. Featuring lots of stuff on Johnny Thunders & The Heartbreakers and a MC5 film update, you do not want to miss it! If you haven´t been there already, go now and enjoy the great # 13 with nice stuff on Sid Vicious.

And what a night tomorrow night´ll be! So fucking looking forward to see a lot of you again, it´s been a too long time! I know that both Trashcan Darlings and Mensen will do their best to rock the Elm Street club, so get up and dance with them!!!!

Records you just can´t do without:
*Trashcan Darlings: Tunes from the trashcan
*Rene Berg: The leather, the loneliness and your dark eyes
*The Dogs D´Amour: The state we´re in

If you can´t find them, get in touch and I´ll help as much as I can.

Monday 12. april:

Okay, this is a bit late, since it all happened last saturday. But I thought the posters was so nice, and for you all to download as wallpaper. As Joey Ramone said, New York City certainly is the place to be.

The shop is finally up-dated with new rock´n roll and t-shirts to show off for the summer. Check them out!!
And I put up a review of the new Nikki Sudden and Dave Kusworth albums in the review-section. But it´s not mine.
And by the way, Null$katte$nylterne played one hell of a gig at Sake here in Trondheim, late last night. It was organized by RBK-kjernen (soccer hooligans) and not too well announced. So not far too many people got to see this, but a great night it was anyway. xxx

Wednesday 7. april:

Fast forward rock´n roll, check out the pix my brother in rock, the D.O.R. took of The Carburetors at their gig at Knaus.
Click on the Carburetors link!

And Happy fucking Easter Holidays everybody! I´m gonna get as high as I can, all promises are broken
so C-YA in the mountains!

Friday 2. april, 2004:

Hey, anybody got fooled yesterday?? Shiit, someone pulled a good one on The Boys forum, the whole bunch went for it, including yours truly. I hate that day, makes me paranoid and always falling for it.

Go now and vote for Null$katte$nylterne at Norwegian Underwood:

22 bands are nominated, but only 8 will get to perform. And since it seems that the other 21 bands are no good, bet I´ll piss someone off now, there should be an easy task for the jury.

I´m very, very sad to hear that an old friend of mine, Tor André Knudsen, has passed away.
He has always been a fantastic guy for rock´n roll, and it hurts to know you won´t be pushing records anymore behind the 
counter at Tiger in Oslo. You also did an excellent job with the Progress Records mailorder some years ago, and a lot of people will miss you. I don´t think I´ve ever bought so many records from anyone as from you, you always found the punk-rock I was looking for. Thanxxx a million Tor André, you´re an angel on the other side now, I´ll drink to you tonight.