Wednesday 31. march, 2004:

Still trying to figure out this new program for my scanner, but hopefully, the shop and the rock-pix will be updated before the Easter Holidays.
Anyway, I now got all three Jetsurfers cd´s in stock, and the brilliant Rolling Stones tribute cd, Perfectly Stoned!
Which includes Ziggy and the Rhythm Bulldogs (w/BSG´s Baarli-brothers), Charles Watts International (w/Casino Steel, Jørn Lande, Stein Ramberg, Bjørn Nilsen, Petter Baarli and others), Merry Go Round, Mads Eriksen´s Exile and Playmates.
This is a must-have for every Stones-fans out there, some here are even better than the original! Honky Tonk right on!


Thursday 25. march, 2004:

Great new reviews for great rock´n roll. But that´s up to you to deicide, whether the reviews are any good. Anyway, no doubt about it, the records are great and you should support the people that knows how to rock.

Honest John Plain & Amigos tonight at Camden´s Underworld in London. They´re opening up for Gary Holton´s (R.I.P.) old band, The Heavy Metal Kids!!!! Since HJP´s site is down at the moment, check out more here: The Boys.
Boy oh boy, wish I was there...

Nothin´ fancy goin´on for my weekend, so some of this will have to do:
*The Tip Toppers: Packed To The Rafters CD
*The Dead Moon documentary: You´ll love them all the same CDROM
*Every record that´s got something to do with Hanoi Rocks!
*The Tyla dvd´s, they´re so fanfuckintastic! For all the `Darlings of the night´, I sure am one.

The DENIMzine t-shirts has arrived! For boys & girls, colours black, red or white.
Get in touch for size and stuff, and you can get the super-pack, Denimzine #7 + a tee for only 150,- nok.
You´ll look sexxy and you´ll read sexxy!

Tuesday 23. march, 2004:

Rene Berg is dead.
He´s best known for his time with Hanoi Rocks, but he´s done alot of other cool rock´n roll as well.
You can read an obituary here:

You finally got your sleep. Rest in peace, Rene.

Monday 22. march, 2004:

Hey Ho!!!
The gig at Posepilten was great, I´m told. Sadly, I can´t remember much from it, only some stuff that happened before the show and after. A bottle of vodka really does the trick!
It´s always a pleasure to meet up with the Baarli-brothers of Backstreet Girls, and hopefully it´s not gonna be so long ´till next time. Too bad really, that I got Turbonegro to use the backstage area where the Baarli´s were. Resulting in that the cunt at the door threw me out! Talk about gratitude. Some kind of journal here now, but wait, there´s more:
Some fuck at the show stole my New York Dolls beanie, when I was wearing it! So if you see an asshole walking around with a black & white striped beanie with the lipstck NYDolls logo and a Ronnie Wood button on it, smack him/her right in the face. To me, it was worth a lot of gold, since it was a gift from a good friend in NYC.
One day, the guilty one will get fucked by the devil, and it won´t be a very pleasant fuck. Jayne County said so.

There´s something wrong with the program which I´m using to put up links, so go and find the bands yourself.
Most listened to at the moment:
*Johnny Thunders: So Alone (LP)
*Johnny Thunders: So Alone (LP)
*Johnny Thunders: So Alone (LP)
*Johnny Thunders: Hurt Me (LP)
*Johnny Thunders & The Heartbreakers: Dead Or Alive (video)

Thursday 18. march, 2004:

Reviews updated with my sort of Up-North special. No less than seven 7" records from Dull City Records, Vadsø, Norway.

C-YA all at Posepilten tomorrow, if you´re in Trondheim that is.
High Voltage!!!!

Monday 15. march, 2004:

Saturday nights at UFFA-TRONDHEIM, is always enjoyable. Went there to see the much talked about, Feilfødt, and actually, it was quite allright. Check them out, but unfortunately, I haven´t been able to enter their site for the last couple of weeks. But try it!
Another cool band playing before them, I think was called Mary Me Young. Not quite sure though, drunk as I was, but they were all girls and very punk. More info on them later, if I can get it (and if I like it).

Tour-dates from the Turbonegro HQ, includes a gig in Oslo with Joan Jett and Alice Cooper! Nothing posted on the net yet, but I got this info from the heart of TurboJugend Deutschland. Anyway, stay clear of rumours and hold your breath here. I´m so fucking in love with Joan Jett!!!!

Do you want punkrock, about punkrockers?? Go and download this beauty:
It´s about our beloved Honest John Plain, and here´s a word from Jozzy of the Bips:
in june this year we gonna record
it in de studio for our upcomming LP, so the sound quality of those
recordings will be much better´

Acoustic night at CREDO Restaurant & Bar tonight, with Jay Farrar. The gig is sold out, so I guess it´ll be crowded.
C some of you there then!

And don´t forget, Trashcan Darlings at norwegian national tv, NRK1 thursday 18. march (forthcumming). The show is called Blender, and probably a couple of songs from the up-coming Tunes From The Trashcan Ep will be performed.

Pretty darn proud to be linked as `Crazed norwegians´ at the trakMARX site. Thanxxx Jean:-)))
Soon to come there, three Johnny Thunders interviews from ´77/´78. Not crazy at all, no no.

Listening to right now, day & night:
*New Bob Dylan bootlegs
*Johnny Thunders live-records (always!)
*Sid Vicious live-records (always #2!)

Monday 8. march, 2004:

Well, I think of this day as my own...! Hail, hail to all you rock´n roll girls out there!

Glory, glory Hollywood Vampires, what a show you put on! Can´t wait ´till next time. Cool pix from the show will be up soon.
Punks & Punkettes, here´s your new favourite web-zine: - Punk Rock... & Roll

Being a member of the exclusive Backstage Pass - The Boys Mailing List, has it´s advantages.
trakMARX #13 is up now, and it´s a very cool Sid Vicious special.
Next issue will include interviews with Johnny Thunders from ´77/´78. Ohhhh, I can´t hold myself in line!
So watch out for that one!

This weeks "coolest song in the world" is `It´s gonna take some time´ by The Defectors.
That´s if you agree with the greatest radio-show ever: Little Steven´s Underground Garage, and you should!
And also see the reviews here on this site.

Tuesday 2. march, 2004:

" Awriiiight Rockers!!

It`s time to kick some ass again!

This upcoming Friday, the HOLLYWOOD VAMPIRES will take over the stage at Knaus to give give you all some Rock n roll blitzkrieg therapy!

The last time we played in Trondheim (support for the Trashcan Darlings at Uffa),was a real blast! If all you gorgeous sleazers,punx,rockers & other misfits we saw last time,show up this time around too,and bring some friends(especially all you beautiful girls!),this will certainly be a night to remember!

We got a strong set of hard hitting rock`n roll ready for you,with a few cool suprises along the way!

Sooo, show up at Knaus this Friday,have a few drinks and Open up and say AAAHHH!!

We sure as hell will.. See ya there awright?

Play Tuff, Best regards Paulie Z

ps. If you`re into bands like Motley Crûe,Backstreet Girls,Hanoi Rocks,Ramones & New York dolls, this should be right up your (smash) alley!

Sunday 29. february, 2004:

Damn, I really gotta listen to my Gram Parsons records more often! After a night with drinking to The Flying Burrito Brothers, I feel fantastic! R.I.P. Gram.
And buy the new "sex" edition of Q! magazine, lots of great pictures of Sid Vicious. I´ve always loved you, John Simon!
And there´s a really fine article about rock´n heroin in this year´s first Backstage, including stories about Johnny Thunders, Keith Richards and Peter Perret from the Only Ones. This fanzine is only in norwegian, and can be found at Narvesen.
Check out their web-site: Musikkavisen Backstage.

There´s some rumours going, that Honest John Plain is on his way up-north. Nothing confirmed yet, but as you all are fans (I hope!) of one of the greatest punk-rock bands ever, The Boys, keep your eyes and ears open. Or just stay sick, right here!
Meanwhile, I´ll enjoy myself with the video of the Boys´ Christmas show from 2001. You can order it from their site.
`You can´t put your arm around a memory´

Thursday 26. february, 2004:

Hey Ho, let´s go! Silver´s back in town. At Posepilten tonight, but I think the show is sold out. Good to see you in these parts of the country again, it was all fabulous the last time, when you kicked some heavy-metal´s ass.

Ooohweee! Just got the video-recordings of the Jacobites gig´s here in Trondheim and Oslo, last november.
And what gig´s they were! Now I can spend days in front of the television-fision.
Check Nikki´s and Dave´s web-sites for news on their up-coming albums (which will be available from this site) and touring. Links to them in the "int. bands" -sections on the left.

And look out for the up-coming Dead Moon european tour. Link to that, further above.

Tuesday 24. february, 2004:

Jeesez, last night was a sad night! The people of Trondheim don´t know what they´re doing. Some motherfucking band called Jimbo Jones won the battle of the bands at Posepilten. I didn´t see the singer naked, but I guess there´s not much to see either, when the band and his singing is this bad. I wish them all the worst:-)))) And the Action Pilots gave us one hell of a show, including the great, new "Dancing the night away". The world is not a fair place to be, every day!

On the turntable, right now:
*El fantastico, the Twistaroos: 4-track promo-cd. 
*The Rolling Stones: Get your Leeds lungs out! - revisited.
*Rod Stewart w/Ronnie Wood: Unplugged...and seated.
*Mick Jagger: Wandering Spirit.
*Oh my! The Twistaroos again! Boy, oh boy, wait till you get your hands on this one, honey.

Monday 23. february, 2004:

Tonight at Posepilten, Trondheim: ACTION PILOTS!!!!
CC: 50,- and there´s two more bands, don´t know if I care though.
But you can vote for the best band, so check your head before that next drink! 

As you all know, Skinny Shotgun left Trashcan Darlings a while back, so here´s some great pics from his last show, the X-mas bash at Last Train: Janne´s gallery site.
Dates for the up-coming european tour can be found here: Trashcan Darlings auf Cleaning Out The Cuntinent - Tour

Tuesday 17. february, 2004:

Two more reviews!
You can now download the new Backstreet Girls song "Kamp i Oslo" on the anniversary site.

Are you bored?? See if you can find these goodies:
*Perfectly Stoned, CD. Norwegian tribute to Rolling Stones
*The Rolling Stones: Brussels Affair 1973. Die-hard Stones-fans say this is the all-time best bootleg live-recording. I almost believe them.
*Dave Kusworth & Glenn Tranter: Enough to heal my wounds, CD. Some of their favourite songs from the acoustic side of their rock´n roll hearts. Recorded live, think you still can get this through Daves site.
*Cherryfuck fanzine #3. Great interviews and make-up tips, comes with a cd. Link in the "fanzines" on the left.
*A journey through America with the Rolling Stones. Great stories from the "Exile..." US-tour.
*Cocksucker Blues. Amazing footage of the Stones on the road, in 1972. Never really released, you´ll understand it when you´ve seen it!

Friday 13. february, 2004:

New reviews are up, including Sleazegrinders tribute to Zodiac Mindwarp & the Love Reaction.
And a happy Valentines Day to everyone who´s celebrating it.
`I wanna be your lover baby, I wanna be your man´

And check this interview with my good friend Alison Gordy: Film Threat - Interviews
It´s a couple years old, but who cares?

Monday 9. february, 2004:

`Empty bottles and a broken heart, and you´re still on my mind...´
Still ain´t got the new live cd by the great, great Jetsurfers?? Well, you should have...
And it should also be a review of it here today, but I forgot my notes. Some day this week, and also more about other cool releases.
`Oh, but I don´t know what to say
Though I´m sure I´ll find a way
To get to you some day´
`You tried to tell me that it ain´t no use
But if I forget you, what good will that do?´
Both Nikki Sudden with his Last Bandits, and Dave Kusworth & the New Tenderhooks, are releasing their new albums very soon. Guess who got the norwegian distribution?! Don´t know the price and the exact date yet, but if you´re checking here on a regular basis, you´ll know when it´s out! Oh yeah, and be sure to visit their fabulous sites too, links in the "int. bands" section.
And the rockalco... compilation (don´t know if I´ve told you about that one...) will include some very interesting stuff. So stay tuned for that one, but don´t hold your breath!

Great sites you gotta check out, now:
*Kristins R´n´R site* Lots of cool links and a nice guestbook to leave your signature in.
*Nobodies* Norwegian r´n r band doing tons of great covers, as well as a couple of amazing originals!
*Tribute-nights* A fine site dedicated to cover-bands, among them Ac-Dc and Rolling Stones.
*Cherryfuck* Oh-oh, more pink than I´ve ever seen in my life! Wonderful site about rock, and eh... pink??

Wednesday 4. february, 2004:

EL1 (pronounced Ellen) is playing your favourite records at Jesper Nattmann, here in Trondheim tonight!
Show up and ask for Trashcan Darlings and other punk-rock-glam-shock sleazters. And perhaps you´ll get some boogie-woogie music from the grand old days too. Get drunk!

Go and get some kicks with these italian rockers: Kiss Cowboys
Right now, I´m a big fan of "Lovely days", download it. motherf***er!

Tuesday 3. february, 2004:

The Jetsurfers, what a band!!!!

Jayne County is being honoured, read more about it here:

The 20th anniversary Backstreet Girls homepage is up now:
*Backstreet Girls*

Keep a close eye there, as we´re into their jubileum year, lots of boogie on the way!

Friday 30. january, 2004:

Last night was fantastic! A free gig with one of my favorite bands, the Jetsurfers! Sorry that nothing was mentioned here, but I didn´t know it myself, until late in the afternoon. But all you Trondheim-rockers, you got a new chance tonight, at the famous Sake pub. CC: 50,- nok.
They´ll do a three hour set! Including all their own "should´ve been hits", and lots of cool cover-songs. One of many highlights was their rockin´ version of Buddy Holly´s "Oh boy". I was in heaven! So get drunk, put on your best boots and show up! And tomorrow they´re playing in Steinkjer.

A little while back, a dear friend of mine lost his newborn kid. That really put things in a whole new perspective. So what if you´re feeling down because of a girl! Another good friend, said to me: "Girls are like busses, there´s always another one on the way!" All my sympathys are with you man, and it´s good to hear that you´re out there rockin´. Looking forward to see you and your bands again, I´ll book you another gig here.

And don´t forget to check the "Rock pix"! Thanx to all of you for all the nice words, I guess we´re looking good.

Wednesday 28. january, 2004:

Hey, got a new gallery up! Check "Rock pix" on the left, there´s some nice shots from NYC now.
Brand new Denimzine #7 is for sale now, including interviews with Flaming Sideburns, Turbonegro, Rob Younger from Radio Birdman, Union Carbide Productions, Cheetah Chrome and much more... 40nok/5euros/6$
Don´t know this swedish zine? Check out my dear friends´ web-site:
I still got some copies of # 6 (int w/ Trashcan Darlings, Supersuckers, Danko Jones, Hanoi Rocks, Backyard Babies...) and # 5 (int w/Jayne County, Nashville Pussy, The Saints, Diamond Dogs...).

Thursday 15. january, 2004:

New reviews are up, The Carburetors and Butchers Bill.


Monday 12. january, 2004:

Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you!
This site has now been on the net for exactly one year! I´d never in my wildest dreams imagine that.
`If the world don´t want me, then I don´t want the world´ by Michael Monroe, was my first choice this morning, but as it seems like the world really want the rock´n roll, alco... - site, I´ll do my best (or worst) to stay on.
The locals are another story...
A huge thanxxx to the Action Pilots, you´ve got a lot coming for ya!


Wednesday 7. january, 2004:

Hey, what a way to start the new year!! The Carburetors has just released their debut album,
*Pain is temporary - Glory is forever*. Go to their website for more info, and links to some reviews.
Expect a show in Trondheim soon, and watch out, wherever you are, they´ll be rocking out all over the country!